Katelyn and Jared

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How We Met

How we met

A Unique Combination of Christian Mingle, a Mutual Friend,

and Some Millennial Facebook Stalking Skills

Ava and I met at the freshman orientation for CSUN in the Deaf Studies tour group. We had a few classes together in the next few years and became good friends. At the start of the Spring 2015 semester, Ava offered to set me up on a date with “this guy who is really nice and Christian but he’s a little younger than you”. I politely declined (having been dumped last week) and promptly forgot about said guy.

Fast forward 8 months; my family moved up to Santa Maria and I got an apartment in Burbank. Poking around on the internet late one Saturday evening, I saw an ad to join Christian Mingle for “free”. I created a profile and quickly realized that “free” means “we will let you make a profile but if you want to talk to anyone or send anything other than a pre-scripted “smile” you have to pay money”. It was now 2 AM and I went to sleep. The next day, me and a friend drove up to Santa Maria for a short visit and got home around midnight. I decided to check her “matches” before deleting her not-so-free-after-all profile. One cute guy named Jared caught her eye and I tried sending him a “smile” but wasn’t sure it was worth the $35/month just to say hi.

*Cue Millennial Facebook Stalking Skills*

Using the information I found on his profile (first name, and city), I scrolled through all of the Jareds living in Santa Clarita and finally found one who looked like the guy from Christian Mingle. Interestingly enough, he and I shared a mutual friend; Ava! Deciding that this was too much of a coincidence to pass up, I sent him a friend request. He accepted, and we started talking at 1:39 AM on September 14, 2015. we ended up talking until 4 in the morning (and then I had to up at 6 AM for school).

After talking with Ava and confirming that she did indeed know Jared (and that he was the one she tried to set me up with a while ago), I met Jared in the parking lot of her school and we went to hang out at a nearby park. we talked for hours (I may or may not have skipped my evening class) and it was immediately apparent to both of us that this was different from previous relationships.

Jared told me he loved me the next day (Tuesday) and we officially became a couple on Thursday September 18th. It was a crazy start to a relationship, but it worked out (obviously).

how they asked

The Proposal

Spoiler Alert: I Said Yes

(and Ava was involved again)

Ava texted us on Saturday night (Feb. 24) if we wanted to go hiking at Vasquez rocks the next day after church. We agreed and set up a time to meet. On our way home from church, Jared told me that if I wanted to wear something cute on our hike, we could take some pictures together while we were there. I briefly thought that he might propose but when we got there I decided it would be impossible. Jared was walking Ziva (who needed to smell everything) and Ava and her friend had their dogs too and I was carrying the drone case. It was just too crazy; there was no way!

We hiked around for an hour or so and then Jared found a way up one of the highest peaks. He really really wanted me to climb up with him, so we could take some pictures with the drone. I reluctantly agreed and up we went.

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Jared got the drone all set up in the air. He was testing out a new feature which enables the drone to “lock onto” a subject and circle them while filming. He had me spin around in circles watching the drone to make sure it was tracking me. I learned after that he was using this as a distraction so he could get the ring box OUT OF THE DRONE CASE I WAS CARRYING THE ENTIRE HIKE!! While he was doing this, I was joking around asking him if I should yell down to Ava and say that he proposed. He told me to go for it, but I said that would be mean and she and I would both be disappointed.

He came up behind me and turned me around (I was still spinning following the drone). He got down on one knee and started talking about how he had been wanting to ask me this for a long time. While he is saying this, I’m thinking he’s joking around with me because of what I said about Ava. So, for the first ten seconds of his proposal, I’m standing with my hands on my hips only half paying attention to what he is saying, waiting for him to stand up and stop teasing me. (Yes, I’m blonde!) Then it occurred to me that this was going on a bit long to be a joke and I realized this was actually happening. After that, there were lots of smiles and jumping up and down and hugging and all that mushy stuff. And I said, “OH MY GOSH YES” (and then asked him after all the hugging and smiling and jumping if I said yes because my brain kind of stopped processing lol)

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Also, the drone “lost us” and stopped circling at the perfect moment!

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