Katelyn and Jake

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fort Worth, TX

How We Met

I met Jake a couple of years ago at a mutual friends party. We lost touch shortly after, but rekindled after finding each other online over a year ago and I’m so glad we did! He is above and beyond the best man I could have ever asked to be in my life. He truly is my best friend and that makes all the difference.

Proposal Ideas Fort Worth, TX

how they asked

It was the weekend after our anniversary Jake told me that he had a special day planned. I do not like surprises and he wouldn’t tell me anything, so naturally I pestered until he finally told me one piece. We were going to brunch at this restaurant that we had been wanting to try and that I needed to be ready by 10AM. So we went to brunch, then proceeded to go to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and walked around for a bit. After the Water Gardens, we drove around and looked at houses (because that’s one of our favorite things to do to build our dream board) and then he started driving to the airport where my surprise was. I was really concerned because we were in an area that I didn’t know and he wouldn’t tell me anything until a black helicopter flew over us while we were stopped at a stop sign. He looks at me and goes, “I’m going to tell you now, see that helicopter? That’s our ride.” I was in shock. It was always a bucket list item for me and I was about to get to take the helicopter ride I always wanted to. The helicopter took us around Downtown Fort Worth, AT&T Stadium and the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and then it came back around to Fort Worth where we circled my Alma Mater and the best place on earth, TCU. It was so magical. By the time we got back to the airport, I was so concerned with the landing of the helicopter that I did not notice my family and his family standing on the fence. When we got out of the helicopter, he handed me one of those joke cards (as he always does) but on the inside he wrote, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” The inner geek in me was screaming. IT WAS HARRY POTTER. He then handed me a present and I opened it and it was my favorite Harry Potter book, the Half Blood Prince. When I opened the book, he had carved out the pages in the center to show the chapter “The Unbreakable Vow” and in a hole carved even further was the ring box. I couldn’t believe it. He grabbed the box, got down on one knee, forgot everything he was going to say and then said “Will you marry me?” The first thing out of my mouth was, “Are you freaking serious??” He smiled and nodded and I said “Of course I will!” All of a sudden, I heard cheering and clapping and saw all of my family and his family and I was so surprised. He coordinated all of it so perfectly (with a little help from some amazing friends), down to the party that was waiting for me at our home with all of my best friends and family. It was beyond perfect.

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