Katelyn and Grant

how we met

Grant had taken a job at a local petshop in order to move back to California from North Carolina. I would always go in and thought he was so cute. I pretty much stalked his schedule to go in when he was working. After many times of me staying for hours and his managers telling his clueless self that I was obviously into him, he finally asked me out.

how they asked

It all happened pretty fast. We had been together for six years and knew we would get married but since I was in school and then starting out in my career, I wanted to become financially independent and stable first. We randomly decided to go look at rings and then randomly went into a jewelry store in our favorite area (Sofia kaman on Abbott Kinney ) I saw a couple settings I liked and then of course Grant knew exactly which one was perfect. He does this thing where he knows me better than I do and will pick out the one and at first I’ll be unsure and then be obsessed with it.

Then she happened to have an antique yellow diamond that was perfect for it and I truly felt just fit me better than anything. It was more than we thought it would be but bought it right then and there since I felt that particular diamond was very special and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have it. It would take a month or two to make so I knew it was coming but didn’t know when. Then on Thanksgiving we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time for our families on our apartment. After dinner he proposed to me in front of everyone and it was perfect.

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