Katelyn and Dwayne

Image 1 of Katelyn and Dwayne

How We Met

We were introduced to each other through our best friends who were dating. We were both in other relationships at the time, but a year later we ran into each other at a local bar in New Orleans & the rest is history! It is only natural that both our best friends who introduced us are the best man and maid of honor!

How They Asked

After 5 years of being together every holiday or family event I (Katelyn) of course thought THIS IS THE MOMENT, but the proposal never happened. Dwayne frequently joked that every time I asked when we would get married that I pushed it back another 5 years, so needless to say I stopped asking! I had been on a Disney Cruise with my family for a week and upon return my future mother in law wanted to go to dinner for my mom, Dwayne’s sister, and my birthday which were all a few weeks apart. This was a tradition that we had done the last few years, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. Dwayne had suggested that he and I spend the night at a hotel in the city after dinner at Desi Vega. This again was nothing out of the ordinary because we did “staycations” frequently. After work I met Dwayne at the hotel to get ready before we walked over to Desi Vega Steakhouse. On our walk his mom called to say the reservations were pushed back and they would meet us in Lafayette Park right next door to the restaurant. I of course asked a million questions “How did the reservations get messed up?” “Why are they waiting outside it’s freezing?” “Why don’t they sit at the bar and wait for us”. It wasn’t until Dwayne grabbed my hand as we got closer to our parents that I knew THIS WAS THE MOMENT and this time I was right! I wish I could remember what he said as he dropped to one knee, but all I can remember is saying yes! (probably before he even asked the question LOL)I was so shocked and excited! He had been planning it for months visiting multiple jewelry stores to find the perfect ring, driving around the city for the perfect location, drawing our parents a map of the exact spot they need to stand & it was perfect! I couldn’t believe he picked out the ring and planned the proposal without the help of anyone, which makes it even more special to me! The memories of that night will be with me forever and we are anxiously awaiting the day we say I DO on March 27, 2021!