Katelyn and David

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On July 21st 2017, Dave and I, along with two of my sisters and my brother in law, left for a 4 day trip to Iceland, followed by 5 days in Norway to attend our friend’s wedding. Our flight left from Toronto on Friday night (the air conditioning on the flight was broken so none of us got any sleep on the overnight flight) and we landed in Iceland around 4am Icelandic time, where we proceeded to rent a car and spend the day exploring the beautiful country! After a long day of exploration we decided to set up camp early (8:00pm) and get a good sleep so that we could get an early start at 3:30am the next day and see the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall before it got busy with tourists. At this point most of us had been awake for about 36 hours. Unfortunately since we were close to the ocean, it was super windy which made it mpossible to set up the two tents that we had, and so it was decided that the 5 of us would try to sleep in the car for the night. It could be said that this was not an ideal situation. The two guys were each in one of the front seats, while the 3 girls were crowded in the trunk. After a few hours of tossing and turning, both Dave and I moved our sleeping bags to outside of the car and attempted to sleep out there on the gravel, but we were not too successful. We did talk with a couple of guys from the Czech Republic who were camping next to us, so that was interesting.

Between the two of us we probably got about 3 hours of sleep that night, so I was not expecting Dave to be too chipper to wake up early the next morning. However, to my surprise Dave was super pumped and ready to go at the 3:30am wake up call, and couldn’t wait to get everyone over to see the waterfall. I was completely oblivious to Dave’s excitement and took my time getting ready to walk up to the waterfall, while Dave ran ahead to start without me. My sister Heidi was kind enough to offer to braid my hair or give me a hat to wear or something, as the previous day of travel and exploration was definitely taking a toll on my appearance. However, I declined, instead saying that I was just going to throw my hair up in a ponytail to go with my grubby outfit of dirty and baggy track pants, hiking shoes and my raincoat. I also did not clue in to the fact that the other 3 were taking a lot longer to get ready than I was, and so I started off on my own to meet Dave at the waterfall. I met up with Dave and we walked behind the waterfall together, since it was around 3:40am, we were the only ones there. Completely unsuspecting of anything happening, I kept asking Dave if we could go down in front of the waterfall to get some pictures (since behind the waterfall it was super wet and I did not want to wreck the camera).

Dave said we could go in a few minutes, and asked me to come and sit with him on a rock behind the waterfall. I was still completely oblivious at this point and after a minute or so asked Dave if we could go down now to take pictures. At that point Dave said “I have to ask you a question first” and I immediately realized what was happening and proceeded to freak out, I even thought Dave was kidding at first until he got down on one knee. I of course said yes when he asked and from that moment on I no longer had a boyfriend! Shortly after that the other 3 met up with Dave and I under the waterfall where we celebrated with champagne and took lots of pictures as the sun rose behind us at 3:50am in Iceland on July 23rd, 2017, aka the BEST DAY EVER!

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