Katelyn and Connor

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How We Met

I go to a small university in Philadelphia. After the first semester, I felt like I had already met everyone at the school. Early into my second semester, I was eager to meet new people one night. I made a quick status post on Facebook saying “I wish this school wasn’t so small.” Who would have thought that such an insignificant post would lead me to my future husband?! I met up with one of my friends that night, and he introduced me to Connor. As we got to talking about how difficult school was, Connor said “I wish I was in Disney right now.” Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat because I was thinking the exact same thing! There was no turning back after that night, and we’ve been to Disney World together twice now. The second trip was by far the best Disney trip of my life.

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how they asked

Connor has been going on vacations with my family since we started dating over 4 years ago. My parents decided that this summer they wanted to do a strictly family vacation, so Connor wasn’t allowed to go. We both understood my parents’ feelings, but obviously wished we were together. My family and I drove down to Florida, and we spent the first half of the trip doing other things and the second half was the Disney part. Our first day of part 2 was at Magic Kingdom, and we were ridiculously late getting to the park. I was getting extremely anxious because I knew we were in a crunch for time since the parks are very busy in the summer. As we’re practically running down Main Street towards Cinderella Castle, my parents decide they have to stop to take a family picture. At this point, I’m so frustrated I could scream. We pose for the picture, and suddenly I feel a new arm on top of mine. I turn around to see Connor behind me with a huge smile on his face! Here come the water works! After we hug for a minute, he says “I have a question for you.”

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And you all know what happened next…

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