Katelyn and Cody

How We Met

Funny story…four years ago, I (Cody) had no idea that Katelyn worked for the same company as me. We both work for a demolition company located in White Marsh, Maryland. At the time Katie worked in the tools, equipment, and inventory shop as a Shop Assistant. I work in the main office as a Project Manager. One afternoon, I had to go down to the second shop to pick up equipment for a job site. In the midst of a conversation with our Senior Superintendent and Foreman, Katie walked out of the shop office to look and see who the random guy standing in the shop was. Katie, who carries a bubbly personality, greeted me by saying, “Hi!” As rudely as it sounds, I looked directly at Katie, did not say a word to acknowledge her, and carried on about my business. I guess you can say she made me speechless at first sight! Naturally, I am a shy, timid individual, until I get to know someone, which is why later that evening I sent a friend request to Katie via Instagram trying to not embarrass myself for a second time.

How They Asked

The proposal took several months to plan. I had several of Katie’s friends involved in order to organize everything. I wanted to propose to Katie in a way that was meaningful and special to her! Last year, I bought Katie a horse of her dreams. Although it does not fill the void in her heart from losing her first horse years ago, I wanted to incorporate her new horse ‘Gus’ for the proposal. The first step for the proposal was to purchase a leather halter with an engrave name plate that read, “Will You Marry Me”. The next step was to coordinate a weekend at the farm where I could convince Katie, with help of her horse trainer, into a riding lesson. Saturday morning, Katie and I woke up, got ready, and headed down to the farm. Her horse trainer and friend were already at the farm to ensure everything was set up and ready. When we arrived at the farm, my nerves were getting the best of me. Katie’s horse trainer had already put the halter on Gus as he stood in the field. The plan was to have Katie walk to the field to grab Gus for a lesson. As she walked to the field I followed behind. When Katie walked through the gate, Gus began to walk towards her. At first, Katie was confused as to why Gus was already wearing a halter. After a closer look, Katie read the halter and was in total shock and very surprised! She turned around to see me on one knee! After four (4) years her wait was finally over! Shaking like a leaf, I slipped the ring on her finger and sealed it with a kiss! We are so blessed and lucky to have had the help from her horse trainer and friend to capture our special moment.



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