Katelyn and Clayton

How We Met

Clayton and I first met while working at a pet store. At the time I was this quiet ginger-haired girl with braces and he was this outgoing metro-hipster with his curly mustache and red short shorts. Our shared love for everything pet related quickly blossomed into a great friendship. As our friendship progressed it was clear that we were growing fond of each other. However, it wasn’t until a New Year’s Eve party that year that we decided to take a chance on each other (much to the dismay of those around us); from that point on we quickly grew inseparable.

How They Asked

Clayton rapidly became a huge part of my family and me to his. Although I and Clayton were only dating for a little while, Clayton’s mom, Brenda, made it clear that I was as much a part of the family as anyone else. Brenda seemed to have a way of making even the strangest of strangers feel right at home when they came to visit. Regrettably, about a year or so into our relationship, Brenda suddenly fell very sick.

Within a days’ time of her falling ill, we were forced to say what would be our final goodbyes. Clayton told me that it was during the months after her passing that he had decided he was going to propose. He had already spent months contemplating different scenarios and options for a surprising proposal when we found out that we were pregnant with our first born. He mentioned that once he found out about our pregnancy his proposal plan quickly came together; his intention was to pop the question during a couple’s maternity shoot.

Clayton and I were fortunate enough to meet Jordan (our skilled photographer) at a mutual friend’s Halloween party a year or so prior. Knowing that Jordan displayed such a high level of prowess behind the lens of a camera, he discretely asked him if he would be interested in doing a maternity photoshoot for us. Clayton then surprised me with the voucher for the maternity shoot as a Christmas present in 2017.

Unbeknownst to me, however, Clayton and Jordan had a much bigger surprise in store! Leap forward to March and the day of our maternity shoot had come. After getting ready in the morning (which mostly involved finding a shirt to show off my baby bump for the shoot) we left our house to meet Jordan at the location we had decided upon.

The destination was a lake valley in the back of a neighboring town. The fog hung low in the sky and made for an incredibly dramatic, beautiful atmosphere for a photoshoot. We made our way around the lake, stopping to take pictures as we went, when we came to our final location.

It was at this point that Clayton dropped to his knee and withdrew the ring from his pocket and presented it to me. With tears of excitement in my eyes, I took the ring and Clayton climbed back to his feet. He took my hand in his and explained to me where the ring had come from and how it was created.

Being that I was very far along in my pregnancy now, I was quickly swept in by a wave emotion that seemed encompass my entire being. I was in disbelief that something so special to my late mother-in-law was now going to be a part of me for the rest of my life. A little over a month later, we welcomed our first daughter, Alaira, into the world; Undoubtedly making 2018 the most memorable year of our lives.

Special Thanks

Jordan Doak Photography