Katelyn and Adam

How We Met

Our mutual friend Christina was hosting a brunch for her birthday. Being the epitome of a social butterfly, she was surrounded my many people to celebrate. Two of those people were us. Adam walked into the restaurant with four other men, and my eyes immediately went to him. Being 5’11” myself, his 6’5’’ frame certainly made him stand out. Like a giddy little girl, I was overwhelming excited to meet these men I had never met before, but the only name I could remember was Adam’s. Because of the way we sat at the table, Adam ended up sitting farther away than I would have liked. A big group of people spent the afternoon chatting and celebrating, but Adam and I only spoke a few words to each other. A few weeks later, Christina invited friends to an event at the Scottsdale Fairmount Princess. Two of those friends were us.

The second I saw Adam, I was determined to talk to him. We spent the whole evening talking and “flirting.” I say “flirting” because we both thought we were sending each other hints that neither of us picked up on. Even though it was May, it was unusually chilly evening, so like a gentlemen, Adam offered me his coat. Although I was absolutely smitten, I couldn’t help but think that he was just being nice. Later that night he walked to my car and left. After not being able to stop thinking about him for a few days, I decided to be bold. I wrote a message to a group of people on Facebook to organize the next time we would hang out and included for phone number for “anyone who didn’t have it.” Since everyone else already had it, they all knew it was for Adam, and luckily, he picked up on that hint and took action. Even on our first date, I was still thinking that he only asked me on the date because he was a nice guy and didn’t want me to feel embarrassed for being too forward. Now that’s one of the running jokes between us because he was just too shy and didn’t know how to ask for my phone number. I know he would have asked for it eventually, but I have to admit, it’s kind of fun to say that I made the first move.

how they asked

A group of my best friends and I decided that we were going to get all dressed up and go out for dinner, which also meant that we were going to feel fabulous and look that way for pictures too. A week before, Christina called to see if I wanted to run errands with her before dinner. Of course, I said yes. The day of the proposal, she came over to my house to get ready for dinner.

She helped me pick out my outfit and convinced me to get even more glam than I was planning to; these are common occurrences so nothing phased me. We made our first few stops, and then made our way to the Fairmount Scottsdale Princess. Due to her professional connections, it completely made sense that we were there for the reasons she told me. Right before I got out of the car, I switched my heels to flats to save my feet for the evening, but Christina convinced me to put them back on so that “we could take a cute picture together.” I followed her through the resort, even when we walked in circles a few times. During one of those circles, I saw a tall, handsome man in a suit out of the corner of my eye; it didn’t even cross my mind that it could have been Adam. Christina led me back around, and that is when everything clicked.

He was waiting for me in a rose garden with signs that included sayings and pictures. From where Christina took my purse, there was a long walk to get to Adam. I thought about taking a short cut to get to him faster, but decided that wiping out on my way to him probably wasn’t the most romantic thing. Adam had a whole speech prepared, and then got down on one knee and proposed.

After we had our moment, Kevin and Suzanne Lane of KSL Photography appeared. We took a few photos around the resort, then headed off to go freshen up for our “dinner reservation.” It really turned out to be our families and friends waiting for us at the restaurant. This multi-layered surprise was all made possible by Adam’s sneaky planning through disguised text messages, phone calls and emails, which also included spreadsheets, maps and PDF files to everyone that was involved. He was determined to make sure that I was entirely surprised. He definitely succeeded.

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