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Friday, May 4, 2018, was Michael’s pinning for completing the Physical Therapy Assistant program. I was super proud of him and it was a big day for him. After the pinning, his family went home (or so I thought) and Michael and I went to dinner with our two friends (one of which was moving to Austin the next day). Because of this friends move, the guys suggested that we go hang out at The Grove and have a few drinks, which we do quite frequently so I did not think much of it. When we walked in Michael suggested that we sit outside (it was extremely humid outside so I don’t know why I didn’t suspect something) and as soon as we walked outside I was overwhelmed by the sight of all of our friends and family in one place.

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I figured maybe everyone was together to celebrate his pinning and completion of the program however he began speaking (very unlike him so I knew something was about to go down), I immediately start sobbing and he ultimately got down on one knee to ask me to spend forever with him. He exceeded any expectation I could have had about a perfect proposal and everything he did was so far out of his comfort zone. The whole thing felt like a dream and I still can’t believe this is real life!

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