Katelin and Gunar

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How We Met

Tinder, we both swiped right and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Christmas is everything to me and I also push go decorate earlier and earlier each year. In 2019 I wanted nothing but my Christmas tree to go up ahead of thanksgiving. It was our average Thursday but I get home and my then boyfriend had my bins of ornaments and my artificial tree waiting in our living room for me when I got back. He was offering to help setup the tree (should of know something was up). I was never allowed until this year to do this. We go about setting the tree up, things are winding down and we’re cleaning up. He mentioned to me he got us a new ornament this year and added it to the tree but I needed to find it as he put it up there. Again, I should of know something was up because I was told year of year I already have to many ornaments and we can’t keep buying more and I needed to stop. The entire time I was looking for the new ornament I thought we were playing the pickle game because I wasn’t finding any new ornament. Funny enough he had no idea when the pickle ornament game was so I was still on the search. I finally turn the corner on the last side of the tree and there it was the new “ornament” it was the ring box tied into the tree with ribbon. He pulled it out, got on one knee and proposed right there in our living room with just the two of us. It was emotional, very special and I couldn’t of asked for anything else. It was the most perfect proposal for me.