Katelin and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met while we were attending Butler University. Chris was a member of the fraternity where my friends and I spent a lot of time. I remember seeing him in the halls and thinking how cute he was. He and I were both dating other people at the time, so nothing ever came of our interactions. After we graduated, Chris moved in with a group of guys, one of whom was dating one of my good friends. I’d go with my friend to hang out at their house a lot, and in the process, got to know Chris better. After talking a lot more and hanging out, we dated briefly, but later parted ways. I figured that would be the end of it, but then I ran into him again at a mutual friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Chris and I stayed up until 5 a.m. talking, and he told me he still had feelings for me…and I realized I might still have feelings for him, too! A few days later, our city got a hit with a huge snowstorm. Chris drove to my apartment to dig my car out for me. We spent the whole day hanging out, and spent a lot of time together in the following weeks. We decided to make it official on February 5th, 2014, and have been together since!

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how they asked

Chris pulled off an amazing surprise proposal! I always told him he’d never be able to surprise me, but he absolutely did. I’m a huge Disney fan, and love going to Disney World. A couple years ago, Chris and I went to Disney World together. It was his first time going, and he loved it as much as I did. In November 2016, we decided to go again with some friends, to celebrate our friend’s birthday. A few days before we left, my friend’s husband texted Chris and I to plan a surprise for my friend’s birthday. He wanted us to go to the Grand Floridan hotel to get drinks and watch the fireworks that take place every night in the Magic Kingdom. I was totally on board with his plan, and promised to keep it a secret! On our first night there, we went out to eat, and while my friend went to the restroom, her husband mentioned to us that he’d like to rent a boat at the Grand Floridian, so we could view the fireworks from the lagoon in front of Magic Kingdom. I started googling it and trying to sneakily plan it for my friend’s birthday (little did I know, the boat had been booked months ago by Chris!).

After dinner, we all went together to the Grand Floridian, and I was given the task of distracting my friend so that her husband and Chris could “book” a boat (they were actually going to buy champagne…sneaky!) I stayed with my friend and did everything I could to distract her. Looking back on it, I am so impressed with her acting skills…she knew about the proposal the whole time and did so well at acting like she had no idea what was going on! After a while, the guys came back and told us they had a surprise for my friend, and took us down to the boat! (Again, I’m so impressed with her acting…she acted so genuinely surprised!). We boarded the boat, and went on a really neat tour of the lagoon. I couldn’t believe how sweet it was that my friend’s husband planned all that for her..I even told them “If you weren’t already married, I’d think you were going to propose tonight!!” I’m really not sure how Chris managed to keep a straight face when I said that! After the tour, our tour guide pulled the boat over to a great spot to watch the fireworks show. We decided to take a few pictures before the fireworks began.

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First we took some group shots, followed by separate couple shots. Just as I put my arm around Chris, I felt him move away from me. I turned to look at him, and saw him down on one knee. At that exact moment, our tour guide turned on “our” song on the boat’s speakers. I was so completely in shock that my legs gave out and I immediately started crying my eyes out! Chris said the sweetest things to me (which I had to have him repeat later, since I was so in shock, I forgot what he had said!), and asked me to marry him. He pulled out the most beautiful ring that we had looked at months ago, and I of course said yes!

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I then turned and saw our friends taking pictures of us from behind an inflatable palm tree–Chris had even remembered a dream I told him about years ago, in which he had proposed and my friend was hiding behind a tree taking pictures of the proposal. I had joked with him back then that when he proposed, our friend had to be behind a tree to take pictures. Little did I know that he would remember that joke and make it come true! After the proposal, we took some more pictures and celebrated with champagne and watched the fireworks show from the boat.

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We then spent the next few days at Disney World, which was amazing. We took a bunch of cheesy pictures at the parks to celebrate, and got tons of congratulations from everyone we saw. It really was a magical trip, and I’m still in shock of how Chris pulled off the perfect proposal!

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