Katelin and Bryce

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how we met

Our story began when we were both placed at Riverheads Elementary. I was student teaching and Kate was working as a TDT counselor. She and I would cross paths every day when she would check on her clients that were in my class. I knew the moment I first laid eyes on her that she was “the one”. I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling I had when I first saw her but the way I felt about Kate was unlike anything I have ever felt. Kate was truly love at first sight for me and I could only hope that she felt something for me. Come to find out, she felt the exact same way about me (but I didn’t find this out until after months of dating)! I finally mustered up the courage to ask her to dinner and she agreed! From our first date, all the feelings I had were solidified. She was everything I wanted and more. We went on another date the next day and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

I was inspired to propose at the beach because my family had always gone to Emerald Isle and I wanted me asking her to marry me there to symbolize her becoming part of our family. That week was also the week of our 1 year anniversary of dating (January 1st, 2016). I also knew I had to surprise her so getting her parents there without her knowing was hard but so worth it!

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I planned my proposal for months to make it perfect and the big day ended up being just that. My family had gone to Emerald Isle for New Year’s and I had arranged to do it on the beach with a photographer to capture the moment. I had also planned for her parents to come down and booked a hotel for them to stay in. Before dinner, I had convinced her to go for a walk on the beach and even though it was cold, she agreed! I had also arranged for my sister to place a message in a bottle on the beach for Kate to find on our walk back.

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She found it, read it, “Roses are red, the ocean is blue, but not as deep as my love for you. You are the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life, Katelin Jean Pletcher, will you be my wife?”

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Then I got down on one knee, proposed, and she said yes! Her parents came running down to surprise Kate with my parents right behind them and the whole moment was beautiful. We took our engagement photos that evening and have been planning our wedding ever since.

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