Katee and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I started dating shortly before our senior year of high school. We shared a few classes together freshman year, where I had determined that he was the love of my life. He didn’t agree so much and kept me at a distance for a few years. Things rekindled and timing was right and we dove into a serious relationship at 17 years old. What in the world were we thinking? We weren’t. But we found a home in each other and took it day by day. Our relationship blossomed into an unconditional bond that has been cherished, respected and nurtured. We grew with one another (still lots of growing to always do) and not away from each other. It requires commitment and patience, self-reflection and communication.

How They Asked

So, after 9 years of building a foundation, I was like….where the ring at?! Steven and I had talked about getting engaged this year, and he painted it to be something later in the year. So when we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon (that I, of course, had planned) it really was not on my radar. A few weeks before this trip I mentioned something and got the serious-we-aren’t-talking-about-it face. So I let it go and knew it would come in due time. We road tripped to Seligman, AZ, then through the Grand Canyon and ended up in Lake Powell for a tour of Antelope Canyon the following day. I should have known something was off when Steven was up for our 9 am a tour, at 6 am :) but I didn’t. I was truly clueless which made the shock all the better.

Looking back, of course, there were plenty of signs. Our tour was amazing, shout out to Kens Tours in the page, AZ. This was the place I REALLY wanted to be. The photos, the experience. I was so excited to be there. Which is probably why I ignored all the signs of my stressed out soon-to-be fiancé. He had taken a while to catch up to me at some point in which I continued to tell everyone he was trying to leave me in there. When in reality he was telling our tour guide (Leshone) what he was about to do. Leshone sly guy told our group there was a great photo op for couples coming up. I ate that right up and started to fix my hair for our couples shot. We turned the corner to ‘The Arch’ and waited in a small line for others to get their photo.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Antelope Canyon

Steven awkwardly stood behind this group practically frozen until I let him know he was in the way of others. We waited for our turn, Steven handed our tour guide both of our phones (even though he had been complaining about his phone quality the entire tour) and then…..went to tie his shoe. I was so irritated thinking that we had to wait for 2 groups to take a picture, people were waiting behind us, the guy waiting to take our photo?! And you are tying your shoe?!

The picture will be fine without your shoe tied……well shoe is tied. But not his sock is bothering him? I’m pretty sure I was like “really dude?” Until I realized he was pulling a ring out of his sock. I went numb. I went blurry. I could not BELIEVE he was doing it here..now…and I had no clue. In true Katee Dazey form, all I could say was “your f**king LYING! Oh my GOD!!!!!” I let out a squeal. I didn’t cry.

I was sincerely swept off of my feet by the man I have built so much of my life with. He gave me everything I wanted and more. The photos are incredible but only a small portion of the divine love we share. He got me so good and I’m so so glad he did. I love that man, I am so blessed to have so many years spent with him and I hope and pray I get 100 more. Cheers to finally becoming Mrs.Tupuola. I will always be proud to be yours, but now I get to be your WIFE!!!!

Special Thanks

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