Kate Lynne and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met through the Music Department at the University of Nebraska Kearney- he studied Music Business and I studied K-12 Music Education. We had several classes together, for four years, before we finally connected. For our first date, we walked downtown and had a drink at a local brewery. We spent the next six hours talking about anything and everything, I knew there was a connection but I didn’t expect to find the love of my life.

Kate Lynne and Andrew's Engagement in Cottonwood Park, Kearney, NE

Proposal Ideas Cottonwood Park, Kearney, NE

how they asked

Andrew set up what I believed to be a Christmas card photo session, with a local photographer and close friend, Corbey Dorsey. On December 14 I took my last college final, and I headed back to our apartment to relax and change for pictures. We headed to Cottonwood Park to take photos. Corbey snapped a few photos, and I noticed that Andrew’s heart was pounding, but he claimed he was really cold. Corbey asked Andrew to grab an equipment bag out of his car. Andrew said he had a specific photo in mind, and he bent down, I thought he was tying his shoe.

He asked “Kate will you marry me”. I was in complete shock and didn’t initially reply. But then I quickly said yes. Corbey captured the proposal moment photo and recorded the entire set up, which we will be showing at our wedding.

Special Thanks

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