Kate and CJ

6How we met: I met CJ on September 30, 2012. We had our first date at a restaurant and amusement park. We hit a few gold balls at the driving range, did the batting cages, and then had dinner. I couldn’t tell if he liked me because he was so shy! Our second date (which was the next night) we grabbed dinner and a movie. The next night he invited me to his house for a movie. When I got there he had a bag of butterfingers and a package of Oreos waiting for me. I always joke that I knew that he was the one when he did that! Cj and I spent everyday together from then on. There was no awkward conversation about being exclusive-we just were. Everything about our relationship came easy. He soon became my best friend, snuggle buddy, and soulmate. I quickly learned that Cj has a huge prankster side to him. He is constantly jumping out from the shower while I am brushing my teeth, throwing cold water on me while I am showering, or hiding under the bed to scare me when I come home. His personality always keeps me on my toes and laughing. Life with Cj is never dull.

Cj booked us a surprise trip to Paris for October 2014 in August. I was so shocked and surprised. We flew to Paris on October 23rd and arrived the next morning the 24th. I had insisted that we pre-book our Eiffel Tower tickets for 2:30pm that day. When we got to the hotel we were exhausted and I suggested we skip the Eiffel Tower. Cj said we couldn’t skip it because “something special” was going to happen. I thought he was absolutely proposing! When we got to the top of the tower he suggested we get champagne. I said it was okay and he said “no, you are going to want some champagne for this.” I laughed as he took me to the side of the tower. He grabbed my hands and said “I can’t wait any longer…” I started to tear up as he got down on one knee…AND TIED HIS SHOE! He burst into laughter as I cried and smacked him on the shoulder for teasing me. I actually thought he was going to propose. The whole way down to the bottom I teased him and told him that he ruined the Eiffel Tower for me. That night I asked him if he was going to propose in Paris and he said no. I was upset but I decided to enjoy the trip for what it was-a vacation to city of love with the man I loved.


The next day we went to the Luxembourg Gardens. We walked around a bit and he suggested we look at a fountain on the other side of the garden. As we came upon the fountain we saw a wedding taking place. I wanted to stop and watch but Cj dragged me to the front of the fountain. As we got closer he pulled me around the back revealing a “hidden” fountain. Cj suggested I make a wish. I rooted around in my purse for a coin but he insisted that he had one. I stood impatiently as he asked if I wanted a NJ quarter or a 2014 quarter. I said “NJ, just like home.” He gave me the coin and I closed it in my fist. I secretly wished that Cj and I would spend the rest of our lives together. I tossed the quarter into the fountain and opened my eyes. Cj was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.


I cried as he asked me to marry him. I asked him about 3x if he was joking and he kept reassuring me that it was actually happening.

We spent the rest of our vacation seeing sights, eating in tiny cafes, and enjoying being engaged!