Kate and Wesley

How We Met

I first saw Wesley during football season of 2009 at Winston Churchill High School. I was one of the cheerleaders who was forming the ‘spirit tunnel’ and he was one of the football players that ran through it for our game day pep rally. Each week we were assigned a different football player to make a spirit poster for, I’d never met him before but when I saw his jersey number and handed his poster to him I thought, “How have I never seen that cutie before?!”

Later that day I told one of my best friends in passing that I saw this really cute football player and she stopped me and said, “Wesley? I’ve known him for years!” She introduced us a few days later out on the courtyard after school and the rest is history!

how they asked

Because we had been dating for so long, I knew it was about time I start thinking about proposing to her. But with the transition from college to work, I just didn’t feel ready yet. Then, about a year ago, Kate decided to teach abroad in Thailand, fulfilling one of her passions in life – traveling the world. During her time abroad, I never felt a more empty gap in my heart. My soulmate was across the world and life seemed to stand still. It was during that time that I realized I couldn’t live without this girl. A couple of weeks before she returned home from Thailand I bought her dream ring. For the next couple of months, I carried that ring with me, waiting for that special moment to unfold. I knew that I needed to catch her off guard in order to truly surprise her. Finally, on August 28th, 2015 I woke up and decided screw waiting, I want to start my life with this girl already!

Image 1 of Kate and Wesley

After work that day, I asked Kate to meet me at home because I wanted to take her on a nice date downtown. On the way downtown, we hit rush hour traffic so I told her that I was going to take a little detour. We got off the highway and she realized it was still pretty far from the restaurant, so I said we were going to Mount Bonnell to watch the sunset while traffic died down.

As we climbed the steps to one of the prettiest views in Austin, I nervously rehearsed what I was going to say to her once we got to the top. We both caught our breath and gazed at the beautiful lakefront view from the top of Mount Bonnell. We walked down a ways to find the perfect spot and then I took her hand and told her how much I loved her. As I tried my best to remember the speech I’d been practicing, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me at sunset.

Image 2 of Kate and Wesley

As she hugged me tightly, everyone around us clapped and congratulated us. Then someone shouted, “Smile!” One of her friends (the same friend that she got her nails done with), was hiding in the bushes the whole time! She had captured the whole entire thing, shocked facials and all. After all of the excitement, tears, and hugs we continued on to our date downtown where we celebrated with champagne!

I’m so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with my highschool sweetheart. She is the sweetest, most beautiful woman that I know and I look forward to our many adventures together.

Image 3 of Kate and Wesley