Kate and Tom

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In June 2015 I decided to start planning the proposal… My plan was to whisk Kate off her feet. In June 2015 I decided to book us a trip to New York for her birthday. Being an Estate Agent (Real Estate) Kate absolutely loves the TV show Million Dollar Listing NY. I ordered the star of there show’s book ‘The sell’ by Fredrik Eklund. Inside I wrote a little message inside the cover ‘Will you come to NY with me?’ with two tickets to New York. In order to ensure Kate had the time off work to take the trip I asked a friend, who owns a villa in Spain, to email me some details over and I pretended that we were going to away to Spain.

So in July I gave Kate her birthday present – a book. She was super excited about what she was getting as I had wound her up something good about it being the best birthday present ever. She ripped open the wrapping paper to see a book. At this point she wasn’t sure what to say or do. She simply smiled, dropped the booked down and smiled at me, as if to say ‘where is the present you have been telling me about?!’ At this point I just smiled and sat for 30 seconds in silence. I then told her to open the cover of the book and this is when she saw the message and got really excited!

After giving her this gift I was really worried about Kate guessing I might propose to her in New York. I assumed her friends would all tell her that I would so I had to think of ways to throw her off the scent. Thankfully, Kate has an unhealthy addiction to a TV show called ‘Don’t tell the bride’, which actually played into my favor and gave me ample opportunities to criticize weddings and make out that the last thing I wished to do was propose. She also informed me how her best friend’s partner had sold his motor bike in order to buy an engagement ring, to which i replied ‘what an idiot.’ All these little remarks helped me hide the fact that her engagement ring was hidden upstairs in my office!

The engagement ring itself was from Tombland Jewellers in Norwich. Susan and her team were so helpful throughout the process and I was blown away with what she was able to do for me. The ring was hand made with an intricate design supporting the top diamond and shoulder diamonds.

Now that I had the ring and holiday sorted I wanted to make sure we could remember the moment for a life time. I took to Google to find a suitable photographer based in New York. Being a wedding videographer I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing photographers in the UK so my standards were set pretty high. With this is mind I searched google images ‘New York Proposal’ saw an image I loved and clicked on the link to the photographer, sent an email and booked Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative. All together I’d made up my mind in about 30 seconds – thats how good the photo was :)

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So once in New York, on the 19th of September 2015, I told Kate to wear something pretty as we were going out for a day trip for an additional birthday present. We took the subway uptown to Central Park and walked towards Bethesda Fountain. I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was in the middle of Central Park with a beautiful girl and the scene was perfect! It was a gorgeous morning, with people going about there daily business, and beams of light cutting through the hazy morning.

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We walked down and around towards Bow Bridge where I could see Raquel pretending to be just another person taking photos of the skyline.

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At this point I felt a little nervous and really had to compose myself. Everything I had thought about saying went out the window as we stepped onto the bridge. I only remember asking Kate to pose for a photo facing away from me, at which point I dug around in my pocket to find the ring and was about to go down on one knee when she turned around to tell me she was standing in the wrong place for a photo, and decided to move. Typical! I could hear Raquel behind me trying to side step into a better position so I walked over to Kate, hugged her and told her I loved her and then dropped to one knee and asked if she would marry me.

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At this point I think I had done too good of a job in convincing her that I never wanted to get married. She just stood looking at me really confused and asked me what was happening and if I was joking. It was a great moment and I’m so pleased to have had it all captured by Raquel! After she said yes, we went for a walk through Central Park to capture the beautiful surroundings. I say we, but Kate spent most of it looking at her engagement ring which she absolutely loved!

Image 10 of Kate and Tom

Happy times.

Special Thanks

Raquel Bianca Creative
 | Photographer