Kate and Toby

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how they asked: I love birthdays, not just my own, but anyone’s birthday so I guess it made sense that Toby proposed to me on holiday in Spain, on my birthday, where we were staying for a week at my Dad’s villa. For my birthday last year, he gave me a personalised Longchamp with my initials ‘KER’ on it, this year he bought me another Longchamp in different colours. As I was opening it I was saying that it was very naughty of him as I already had one and he was totally spoiling me…he told me that it was slightly different this year and I soon saw ‘KEM’ – what will be my new name in a month’s time. We had spoken that I would take his name – but there is was in gold thread! He had hidden the ring in the flower bed, (we were on the balcony watching the sunrise), and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife – I’m sure he said lots of lovely things but I can’t remember because I was crying and totally overwhelmed. It was such a surprise as we’d only been together 18 months, I was in my pyjamas, without a scrap of makeup on and totally caught unawares. He had already asked my dad for my hand in marriage so my dad’s card to me said, “A girl can never had too many handbags”…!