Kate and Taylor

How We Met

In 2008, we both happened to be spring breaking at the Moon Palace in Mexico on our senior spring breaks and bumped into each other at the bar one night and chatted for a while but that was about it (really!). We kept tabs on one another, though Taylor will tell you it was more one-sided on his end with him randomly texting me to tell me how pretty I looked in a picture I’d just posted on Facebook and me blushing, telling myself it would never work because he lived so far away. Throughout several moves to different cities and lots of life changes, we still managed to stay in touch the entire time. 8 years later, Taylor came up to Ann Arbor with his cousin Luke in the fall of 2016 to “see a Michigan game”, knowing full well that I had been living there for a while and he knew this was his chance. Shortly thereafter, he convinced me to visit his home state of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia for a long weekend in January of 2017, I agreed, and we began a long distance relationship that very weekend – him living in West Virginia and me in Michigan working at lululemon in Ann Arbor. That was at the end of January 2017 and by May of that same year, I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him anymore after our short weekend visits (in fact, I was supposed to drive back up on Mother’s Day and called my mom sobbing because I didn’t want to leave Taylor, so naturally she told me to stop crying and go back to spend another night with him- God bless her!). A few weeks later, I decided I was moving to WV. I would quit my job and find another one down there- so long as I could be closer to him…and yes, I said I invited myself in! I am quite headstrong and once I make up my mind about something, there’s really no turning back. Luckily, Taylor loves this about me (I think!) and he agreed that it was time – I moved to WV on July 8, 2017. We lived happily ever after, making his house our own and even getting our first child, a Fox Red Labrador Retriever named Chili around Christmas of 2017.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Gull Lake, MI

We took several trips together at the start of 2018 (we both LOVE to travel), all of which I thought Taylor MIGHT pop the question but my suspicions were wrong because he did not. My parents and one of my sisters decided to come down to visit one weekend in early June 2018 and unbeknownst to me, Taylor asked my sister to take me to the store so he could get my parents alone and ask them if he could marry their oldest daughter. My parents both sobbed and lots of hugs were exchanged, but they had to pull it together as Kristen and I were going to be back soon. They pulled it off great, I had no idea!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gull Lake, MI

How They Asked

We made plans to go up to see my parents a few weeks after he asked them for the weekend, which we do often in the warmer months. My parents live on the most beautiful lake in Michigan, where we’ve spent every summer since I was in 5th grade. My whole family was in on the proposal – my sisters both tried to set up manicure appointments for me the day we got there which didn’t seem odd to me at the time because we always go to the same nail place together when we’re home. I actually tried to get my signature color – black – but my sister Kelly subtly told me maybe I should just go with a more neutral color. We all got dressed up to go out to a “belated Father’s Day brunch” with my dad, which I thought was strange since my dad isn’t one to make a stink about that at all!

So Kelly curled my hair, Kristen did my makeup (again, so weird!) for this brunch and when we were at the restaurant, not one person said anything about Father’s Day but everyone was oddly quiet. Still oblivious, Taylor asked me on our way back to the house if I wanted to take Chili and head out to the dock when we got back and drink an Oberon – our favorite beer which is made by Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. I said sure and went up to grab a sweater as it was oddly cold out for June in Michigan. My sister Kelly ran past me with my dad’s Nikon and when I asked why she had it out (we never use that thing), she quickly told me that we were going to take a picture for the Christmas card since we were all so dressed up. Anyway, Taylor and I go down to the dock and I noticed he also had a coat which he said he’d grabbed just in case I got cold.

We walk down to the dock and I happened to see my whole family standing up on the balcony which, again, does not ever happen. Kelly was up there with the camera, and I turned to see Taylor start saying a lot of things I don’t remember, he got down on one knee and presented the most beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring which was actually designed by my best friend from college, Sally (who would later become one of my bridesmaids), and I was in complete shock. So happy that I think I blacked out and couldn’t stop shaking. It was absolutely perfect and so well thought out – it was EXACTLY how I wanted it to happen, private and I wanted my family to be involved so he hit both nails on the head there.

I jumped on him (I was careful not to knock the ring in the water!) and said yes a lot of times while sobbing. We drank our Oberon and walked back up to see my family. Later that night, we had a mini-engagement party with family and friends and drank a lot of champagne!

My parents’ dog, Murphy, decided he was going to be in on the proposal as well…

The end! We were married on March 30, 2019, in Grand Rapids, MI.