Kate and Taylor

Proposal Ideas Nashville, TN

How We Met

My fiancé and I first met in the most unlikely way – on Tinder. I was living in Chicago but visiting Nashville to speak on a panel. We matched and chatted a bit but weren’t able to connect (TBH, I kind of blew him off…whoops!). He asked me when I was leaving Nashville (the next day) so he told me to let him know next time I was back. I told him to let me know next time he was in Chicago, expecting a polite response and never to speak to him again, but instead, he said he’d be there in just 2 weeks for work. We arranged a time and place to meet for a quick drink. A drink with his coworkers then turned into us going off on our own for dinner and meeting up with them after dinner for another drink. I blew off the original train I was supposed to take home so I could stay longer and take a later train! After kissing me at a crosswalk, he walked me to my train and said goodbye. Safe to say it was an amazing first date. We stayed in touch and it just so happened that I very shortly after received a job offer in Nashville. We’ve been together since then!

How They Asked

Two days before an international trip we’d planned, and the only day my fiancé was home during the month of December, we agreed to do a “date night” to celebrate Christmas just the two of us. That weekend, my best friend was visiting from home but left on Monday morning (or so I thought…important to the story!) We exchanged stockings and went to dinner at one of our favorite spots. While at dinner, it started POURING rain, so Taylor went and got the car and returned soaking wet (poor thing☹️). We drove home and as soon as we pulled in the driveway, I noticed an envelope stuck to our Christmas wreath out front. We got up to the door and it had a “K” on it, so I started to open it up (the front said “for butter or for worse”…so I started to have a feeling) and as I opened it, some lights flicked on inside. Taylor opened the door and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nashville, TN

There were string lights everywhere, red and white rose petals, pictures of him and I, and candles everywhere. I read the long, beautiful note from my about-to-be fiancé and it ended in “there’s just one thing left to ask…” I looked up to see him on one knee and he asked THE QUESTION.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nashville, TN

I said “YES. ABSOLUTELY YES!” and we were having a moment when he told me “there are some people here who want to say congratulations.” I looked to see one of our best friends who’s a photographer snapping pictures, my three best friends in Nashville, and Taylor’s best friend and his fiancé.

Mid-freak-out, my best friend from home (who supposedly had left) jumped out and yelled SURPRISE!! Turns out she had never actually left and just hung out with my friends all day while I was at work, then helped everyone set things up while we were at dinner.

Safe to say, some champagne and many awesome pictures were had. Then, we left on our trip to Paris and London, now able to celebrate. A dream!!!

Special Thanks

Jessica Amerson
 | Photographer