Kate and Shane

How We Met

We met during our first year of college! Our mutual friend introduced us and we starting hanging out a month before Halloween. A Halloween party was when we shared our first kiss!

how they asked

Last night my best friend in the whole world proposed to me in the sweetest way!! It was our four year anniversary, he brought me home flowers like he usually does and we made plans to go see Christmas light which we do every anniversary since we met. This year we went to a new place that had lights on water, Christmas shops, and pictures with Santa! He asked me to get my picture with Santa and of course I said yes!!

We are now waiting in line, he is acting a little funny, when I go to sit with Santa he is not there anymore. He starts talking to the camera girl so I didn’t know what was going on. Next thing I know he is down on one knee asking me to marry him while the photographer is snapping pictures of the perfect moment! The whole plAce was clapping and cheering. The night then followed by a little party for us with both families that he also set up! Seriously best night, still in awe with everything!! Thank you for everything Shane. I love you!!

Image 1 of Kate and Shane