Kate and Sean

Kate and Sean's Engagement in Family cabin in NY

How We Met

I met Sean on Tinder. I figured he was your typical guy on Tinder…just looking for something to pass the time. But immediately I knew he was different. Our conversations lasted for hours. We talk about family, politics, hobbies and our dreams. When speaking with him I could tell he respected me, which i really liked. We went on a few dates and then my sister had a baby. So I didn’t see him for about 2.5 weeks. When I saw him after that break of time, it was then I knew how much I missed his presence. Immediately I began spending every single weekend with him. He lived 30 minutes away, worked full time and I was a student also working 2 jobs. He introduced me to new things. This was the first picture we ever took together!

how they asked

We had talked a little about marriage. I was a traditionalist in that you get married, then start a family. Sean really wanted kids so he knew he would have to make the big move if he ever wanted kids with me. I value family so much that he knew when he was going to ask, my family had to be there. Every Labor Day weekend, my family hosts a large clambake at our cabin. I was feeling so sick. I had developed a sinus infection all of a sudden. I was miserable. I actually made Sean drive me 30 mins to the next town to buy me medicine.

Kate's Proposal in Family cabin in NY

Little did I know, everyone was in on the proposal. Sean was working with my mom and sister. Knowing that I was sick, he wasn’t sure he was going to ask. But with some encouragement, On 9/3/17 Sean got down on one knee in front of my entire family and close friends.