Kate and Ross

How We Met

Ross and I had unofficially met when we were both in college when he came to visit a friend at a restaurant we were both working in. Years later, we attended a graduation party for a mutual friend’s college roommate. Neither one of us had been planning on attending the party that day, and it was a completely random occurrence that we both made this last minute decision to stop by. Once we met I knew instantly we had a connection and we spent the party chatting and getting to know one another. After leaving the party I texted my college roommate and said “I found who I am going to marry” and he felt the same way because we’ve been together ever since that day!

How They Asked

Every year the town of Chatham does a Christmas Stroll and it’s one of my favorite days of the year. I’ve been going to Chatham my entire life, and it’s extremely special and holds so many memories for me. At the stroll, we were walking around Main Street doing some Christmas shopping and enjoying the night. One of the main attractions of the stroll is that the whole town gets together in the main park for the tree lighting and there is a big celebration.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chatham, MA

We stood with the crowd while a Christmas poem was read and tree lit. We continued shopping while we were waiting for our dinner reservation, and Ross had said he wanted to return to the park so I could take a picture of the tree because there were too many people earlier for me to get one I liked. I excitedly returned to the park in the hopes of getting a nice picture of the beautifully lit tree, and to my surprise turned around to find Ross on one knee! It was absolutely perfect!

Kate and Ross's Engagement in Chatham, MA