Kate and Richie's Red Sox Marriage Proposal

539646_727377518097_864136137_n How we met: Richie and I met during the summer before our senior year at Fitchburg State. It was a summer filled with house parties and Hooligans and Richie came to a party at my house with a few of his fraternity brothers. We reconnected that Fall when we were both part of the student government for our class. We casually dated for a couple of months and went our own ways after graduation. Although we went our own ways, we never really lost touch.

In the three years since graduation, we had seen each other numerous times and were texting almost daily. Although I was seeing someone else, albeit not seriously, Richie asked if he could make dinner for me and I accepted. Our first date was July 19th, 2012. He made dinner, had the Country music channel on demand, and we went and saw the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Since then it’s been cowboy hats, Bruins, and lots of laughter.

how they asked: On Friday May 16th, Richie surprised me with what I can undoubtedly say was the best night of my life. We had gotten a room for the night in Boston and were planning to meet his best friend, Brian, at The Baseball Tavern near Fenway Park. The Red Sox were at home so I knew there would be a great atmosphere at the bar. We checked into the hotel, had a few beers, and played a quick card game of war. Then we hoped into the cab, decked out in our Red Sox jerseys and started heading to The Baseball Tavern. The entire cab ride over was completely normal, I never suspected a thing. We arrived at the bar, and after a quick trip to the restroom we were headed for the roof deck. I walked up to the top of the stairs, stopping dramatically to catch my breath a few times. At the top of the stairs I turned to see four of my best friends, Lynne, Kim, Marissa and Joanna, holding signs that said ” Will you marry me?” Richie was already down on one knee before I realized what was happening.


I was in complete shock, a total deer in the headlights. After a few moments, lots of applause and cheering, and a couple of tears, I said ” Yes!” Richie’s brothers, Sal and Joe, his eight months pregnant sister in law Renee, his best friend Brian, and his fraternity brother (and life partner) Rusty and his wife Coreen, my best friend Gillian and my good friend Sean, were all there to share in this amazing and special moment. He hit a home run with that engagement.