Kate and Parker


How We Met

It was love at first sight…okay, not really.  More like mutual ” I think you’re cute, but I’ll just admire you from a distance”. Don’t worry, it wasn’t quite as “stalker-ish” as it sounds. After all, Parker was 2 years older, and trust me, thats like a decade older in high school terms. Totally off limits.

Our families were friends from church, so I often saw him on little holidays, such as fourth of July and summer vacations. Sneaky glances and small talk, hoping to just get a moment of his attention. Lets face it, I was a 14 year old girl with a HUGE crush, but god-forbid he would find out. Little did I know, the way I was looking at him was the exact same way he was admiring me. It remained small conversations for awhile, until he finally decided to pull out the big guns. On a serendipitous Tuesday, I received a text from my cute crush, inviting me to go to youth group.

I know that may not sound like a big deal to you, but trust me…IT WAS A BIG DEAL. The stars had aligned; he wanted me to go with him. I got connected in the church, and in June, we headed out for a youth retreat. The weekend was filled with stargazing, sailing, and wakeboarding. It was dreamy. Finally, the end of the trip was near, and we were looking for a “last hoorah”.

So parker and I, along with two of our close friends all headed out on four wheelers in the dark. (Sidenote: If you’ve never gotten the chance to cling on to your crush while racing through the woods at night under the stars on the back of an ATV, trust me, you’re missing out.) Anyways, our friends were ahead and we were trailing behind, when suddenly, as fate would have it, our ATV ran out of gas. Shannon and Kristina went back to the house in order to get us some help, which meant Parker and I were stranded in the wilderness in the middle of the night. Don’t let me fool you, I loved every minute. We talked under the stars, and cuddled in the cool breeze. Then finally, parker uttered, rather suddenly, “can I kiss you?” and of course, my immediate response was, “oh my gosh don’t ask me! Just do it!”

And the rest is history…although definitely not easy, Ill give you that. But hey, if love didn’t cost anything, we wouldn’t be able to experience the value of it.

Fast forward, and the love of my life packed up and headed to Northern California for ministry school. Ugh. Goodbyes are never easy. NEVER! I must admit, although I did miss him more than I thought possible, I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. However, the “why’s” ran through my head often. “why is this so difficult” “why are we staying together” “why does 8 hours of distance feel altogether unreachable”, but one thing I learned is that God is bigger than our “why’s”.

He was strengthening our relationship, and preparing me for the most incredible future husband. Not to mention, it was extra difficult for someone who values quality time and cuddles as much as I do. However, we survived with boxes of heart-felt letters, simple souvenirs of affection, and plenty of FaceTime dates lasting long into the night. After an agonizing 9 months, I got my man back, and I was sure that this was it; that he was it. And 15 months later, HE PUT A RING ON IT!

how they asked

August 15th was a day that would forever change my view on the “dreaded Monday”. I was ushered out of the house for a morning hike on our last day in Colorado. I must admit, I was rather out of breath trying to keep up with my mountainous man. We reached the summit after a short hike, and were greeted by a blanket spread with flowers, sparkling cider, and my favorites, chocolates.


Not to mention the romanticism hidden in the nostalgia. A year prior, he had asked me to be his girlfriend on the top of a mountain with candles, lanterns and flowers. Before I could comprehend what was happening, he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. It was the highest honor I could ever receive, to be loved and cherished by such an amazing man for the rest of my life. I was overcome with emotions, which was expressed in crying, shouting, running, and hugging (all at the same time).



So here’s to the beginning of a lifetime of adventures with my very best friend.


Special thanks to the friends and family helping with the engagement, and for loving and supporting us along the way!