Kate and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I met at Manhattan College when he was a junior and I was a senior. We were both heavily involved in our school activities and participated in many of them together. It was honestly love at first meet, until I found out that Mike had seen me in a play my sophomore year and decided he had a crush on me during the show. A few years into us dating, we actually did an off-Broadway show together! And that’s all she wrote!

how they asked

Mike and I love Grand Central and go as often as we can to admire everything about it. On the big day, he took me on a normal lunch date to Urban Space and then I asked to go to Grand Central (next door) to take pictures. I had my camera out and was taking pictures of everything. I felt Mike pull my arm to turn me around, and he was down on one knee in the middle of the terminal. After the proposal, he had me look up to the balcony where our families and closest friends were standing and cheering. We were able to celebrate all day and our friends all came and met us at our favorite bar later that night.

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