Kate and Mike

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How We Met

We met in high school!

How They Asked

We are a blended fam (he has two boys, I have one) and we were on my family beach week in July and had found a napkin earlier in the week with a cute note on it. The oldest read it and we laughed.. likely a lunch napkin. Fast forward to me moving family evening pictures from Friday because of rain to Thursday and we are all dressed on the beach and the oldest found a sandy Corona bottle with a note in it and started reading it aloud. I was totally oblivious because it reminded me of the napkin and as he reads it it starts mentioning a family of boys hopefully reading it, on the beach, but it was missing a wife and that’s when it dawned on me what was happening and I turned around to my now fiancé on one knee with a ring. Turns out the center diamond was my late grandmothers Diamond my late grandfather gave her in 1959. She was my best friend and biggest supporter and having our kids so involved, at my favorite place with my grandmother at the center was PERFECTION! I had no idea I was planning / rearranging my own engagement. 🙃