Kate and Matthew

Proposal Ideas Durban, South Africa

How We Met

My sister and Matt attended World Youth Day in Poland in 2016. Later that year, we hosted a party which is where I met Matt. Because he was late, I was already well on my way to a hangover when I was introduced to him. With his big blue eyes and a kind smile, I went weak at the knees when he shook my hand. After a couple of months of chatting all day, every day, we spent a Saturday painting my house (and each other) and everything clicked that day with our first kiss. The rest is history.

Where to Propose in Durban, South Africa

How They Asked

The day Matt asked me to marry him, he threw me off so well! He made reservations at the restaurant we went to on our first date and I was convinced that that was where he would do it.

We were due to do a big hike with friends the next week and so I wasn’t suspicious when he asked me to go on a ‘warm-up’ hike that morning. We used it as an excuse for a date and hiked off to a waterfall near my home. When we got there, we sat and spoke but I was eager to come home because it was long past lunch. To end the endless hangry nagging, Matt looked at me and told me it was time. I don’t quite remember what he said because I was an instant puddle of tears but he made me the happiest girl alive when he asked me if I would promise the rest of my life to him.

As for our dinner reservations, it turns out that Matt had made them for the two of us to go and celebrate alone together.