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How We Met

It was 2 days before Hurricane it was two days before Hurricane Sandy- October 27, 2012. We both were supposed to be in another place for Halloween weekend, but as fate has it, we ended up in the same bar, and in costume. I was Marilyn Monroe, he was Frank Zappa, complete with a real guitar prop. We later found out we had the same friends for about a year before we met, but we never crossed paths until this night. We introduced ourselves and talked all night at the bar. I remember he made me laugh right away and made me feel like he only saw me that night. We left that night not getting each other’s numbers. We both agreed it was nice meeting one another, and left it at that. One week later, after Sandy hit, we met again at a Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show with our mutual musician friends. We weren’t planning on running into each other that night since we never exchanged numbers. We made sure to get each other’s numbers that night. 3 weeks later, we went on our first date. Over the next almost 5 years, we shared a mutual love for Halloween and costumes, singing karaoke, enjoying good food and wine, and making each other laugh.

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how they asked

Almost 5 years after we first met in costume, we were headed to Disney World with more costumes in tow for an early anniversary vacation. We were planning on going to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom, as Lumiere & Babette (the candlestick & feather duster) from Beauty & the Beast. He was planning on proposing at the party three days into the trip but just couldn’t wait to ask me. After dinner our first night there, in Disney Springs, we walked while the sun was starting to set. I stopped to take some photos on a bridge.

I’ve always said to Luke that he never takes pictures of me or us. I’m usually the photographer. As I was taking in the gorgeous pink sky, Luke handed his phone to someone who worked at Disney walking by and said to me, “see? I’m taking pictures of us, happy?” and he smirked at me. As I went to pose for the photo, he pulled away and got down on one knee. Everything seemed to suddenly slow down around me. I didn’t see it coming and was completely overcome with emotion. It was such a perfect moment.