Kate and Luke

How We Met

We were sophomores in high school in Dallas, Texas when we first met. I was sitting in my chemistry class when this boy walked in, who had the same teacher but from another class period. He was talking to Mr. White about a homework assignment and I remember someone saying “Look, it’s that British kid!” Immediately my first reaction was to shout at him “British kid, say something!” to which he replied, quite literally…”Something…?”. That was our first interaction, but nothing happened after that. All I knew (due to my Facebook creeping) was that his name was Luke and he was from Liverpool.

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Months later I was going on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art for my Art History class. The first class periods of the day were grouped together to go; little did I know that British kid would be on this field trip. I was running late because my volleyball coach had kept us longer than she was supposed to and I was embarrassed because I was still all sweaty, but luckily I was at least able to change. Years later I know from Luke’s perspective he was already sitting on the bus and when he saw me outside of the window, he thought to himself “I’m going to find a way to talk to that girl.”

We had huge packets to fill out and l remember needing help. While walking around the streets of downtown Dallas looking at old buildings, I leaned over to the closest people to me asking for their help. And guess who it was? Luke Farrell; my future husband.

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We dated all through high school; we went to two homecomings together as well as prom our senior year. He went on to the Air Force Academy for college while I stayed near home and went to The University of North Texas and played volleyball there for a little bit. The Air Force Academy has this thing called the 2% Club, where they say only 2% of people who go to the Academy with a boyfriend/girlfriend graduate still with that significant other. It is extremely rare and hard to make it through 4 years of long-distance, especially with them going to the Academy because you see them much less than you would be able to have they gone to a non-military university. His first assignment was up at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. After 4 years of being apart, I decided to move up there with him.

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How They Asked

Luke had told me the spouses club for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base were putting on a fundraiser in the form of a “Puppy Photo Shoot”. We had just gotten two new dogs and of course, I was thinking this was a great idea! I was a little skeptical but since I had gotten my hopes for so long that he would propose, I did not think much of this. I told him I did not want the dogs there when he was going to propose because I didn’t want them accidentally ruining the photos or something, so when he said we were going to a puppy photoshoot, I was almost sure it wouldn’t happen then. I even asked him to send me the flyer he had “found” and he sent me a very convincing one (which looking back is hilarious because he was upset I asked because then he had to scramble to make a fake and very convincing flyer to send to me, which worked).

If you saw in the news, Dayton, Ohio got hit with terrible tornados at the end of May. The park Luke was planning on proposing at had gotten obliterated and was closed. Panic ensued on his part because he did not know what to do and the photographer was booked full for the next couple of months. Luckily for him, he had backup plans. I am a Bridal Consultant and I work most Saturdays; while I was at work, Luke would take the dogs on walks at parks. He wasn’t just walking them though, he was scoping out places to propose. Luke and the photographer went and looked at Eastwood MetroPark and it was by the grace of God unharmed by the tornado.

Friday, May 31st, I am ready to leave for the puppy photo shoot. Luke gets a “phone call” *wink* *wink* that tells him the photoshoot had been canceled, but we could both still come down and pick up vouchers for when it happened again. We drive down to the park and I am nervous but still not wanting to get my hopes up that this could be it. We go walking through the park looking for this man with the vouchers. In the distance, I see a woman and a man standing together and I remember thinking “Oh darn if he planned on proposing here, there are already people here”. All of a sudden, she whips out a camera and starts taking photos. I look at Luke and burst into tears asking, “Is this it?”. Over 7 years since we had met on that field trip our sophomore year of high school, the love of my life started telling me how much he loved me, that this past year of living together in Ohio was the best year of his life, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I nodded yes because I wasn’t able to verbalize my “yes” because of my happy tears.

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