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Kate and I met on a missions trip in London. I went with my church from Indianapolis, Indiana and she went with her university from Florida. There were about 70 people total on our trip. I noticed her immediately and I thought she was beautiful, but I didn’t want anything to get in the way of why we were there. Towards the end of the trip, she came up to introduce herself to me and we instantly hit it off. It was in that first conversation that I found out she was also from Indiana and that she’d be returning home in the fall for good. I got her number the night before I left, but I waited to contact her for a month or so. We had both been praying that if it were God’s will He would make it clear to us that we should date, and He gave us lots of peace and clarity in that process. I’ve known from the beginning that she’s the one for me.

how they asked

Two weeks before the proposal I had her best friend, Kelly, call her and ask her to come down to Florida to spend the weekend with her when in reality I had already bought the plane tickets and had everything planned. I was confident this would work because Kate’s a very spontaneous person. Two weeks passed and it was time for Kate to head to Florida. I drove her to the airport on Friday afternoon and told her that I would pick her up when she returned on Sunday. What she didn’t know is that I was going to fly to Florida on Saturday morning to propose to her. We talked on Facetime that evening she arrived in Florida and I was in my basement so she had no suspicion of anything. I arrived in Florida on Saturday morning where her other friend, Tara, picked me up and took me straight to the proposal spot. Kate and I had visited her old university once before. The spot I chose was her “happy place” by her favorite lake when she was in college, and it’s also the first place where we talked about marriage.

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Kelly always takes pictures of Kate when they’re together, so I told her to take her to this spot for a photo shoot on Saturday morning. To this point, Kate still thought that I was sleeping in Indiana. I was hiding in the bushes until Kelly gave me a subtle signal to start walking up behind Kate and get down on my knee. After getting some pictures with me in the background, she had Kate turn around and that’s when her priceless reaction was captured. She said yes!

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