Kate and Jay

How We Met

A friend convinced me to download Tinder to kill time with her on our last day at work. I had it for about an hour, and my now Fiancé was the only one I chose or spoke to, which I think makes me the luckiest person in the history of the iPhone.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn Heights Promenade, New York

how they asked

He planned a secret date night for us while we were on vacation in New York City and told me to dress up. The first stop on our night was to take photos in my favourite spot in New York, which we do whenever we visit the city. Using my camera, we took a set of photos on the self timer. I went back to adjust the settings, at which point he got the ring out of his pocket. When we were ready to take another round of photos, he turned me away from the camera and towards him, at which point he got down on one knee and gave a beautiful speech before asking if I would marry him.


Passers-by and other tourists applauded us, and we stayed in the spot for a few hours crying, hugging, and face-timing our families. He then whisked me away to Balthazar for dinner, and the rooftop of The Kimberly for a drink face to face with the Chrysler building.

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