Kate and Jamie

How We Met

Although we went to the same college, we didn’t meet until studying abroad in Italy. The second I saw Jamie I wanted to date him – I thought he was so cute! Our relationship started after a crazy hospital trip in Venice, a drunken kiss in Arezzo and an awkward first date on the Spanish Steps (or I thought it was awkward!). We left Rome as boyfriend and girlfriend, and continued the relationship at Loyola. After college, we did a Baltimore-DC distance relationship for 2 years, and then NY-DC distance relationship for 3 more! Finally, Jamie convinced me to move to DC!

how they asked

After a year of living in the same city, Jamie and I decided to do dinner to celebrate both of our birthdays (and to finally have a date, just us, after a few weeks of traveling and partying with friends!) After dinner, Jamie suggested we go visit the Spanish Steps here in DC, saying his friends had told him about it. It was pouring rain, but I had never seen them and thought “oh what the heck!” As we approached, the rain started to clear up. I was distracted looking at a panda sculpture in the background when Jamie suggested we take a picture together. I turned around and he was on one knee asking me if I remembered our very first date on the Spanish Steps in Rome. I have never been so happy in my life – I couldn’t stop crying and laughing at the same time for hours!

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