Kate and J.P.

How We Met: Waiting tables while trying to find your career can be a daunting task at times. However when a certain someone continues to come in most every weekend and you make eye contact and feel a spark, there’s something in you that gets excited to go to work on a Friday evening. This is exactly what happened. I first locked eyes with him on March 16, 2013 when he was a patron at my table. He came in once a week except for two weekends in a row when I started to panic he found a better burger joint. After his two week absence he returned only to ask for my phone number on May 31. We had our first date on June 1, and have been making memories ever sense!

how they asked: MY love for antiquing is like no other. I am always dragging him to new stores or making him stop at random yard sales on the side of the road. It isn’t his thing but he does it out of love. He told me he had a surprise for me and was taking to one of my favorite places just 2 days after my birthday. The location was to remain a secret.

As we drove a few miles I asked if we were going to Dantiques, which happens to be my favorite antique store (Dantiques in Macedon, NY). He smiled and I knew we were on our way. An eighth of a mile from the store he prompted me to open the glove box, there was a card with a $100 gift certificate. I couldn’t wait to get inside and check out all the treasures I was about to bring home.

I always take the same path in that store (creature of habit) so I’m walking my path and he darts over to a specific spot and asks me if I read a poem over there yet. I said no I haven’t moved yet. A minute later he asks again, I was confused and said no I’m still over here, 30 seconds later he said, “Kate you have to come read this poem.” I figured he must really love this poem, so I made my way.

Image 1 of Kate and J.P.

Not knowing a poem he wrote, weathered and frame was waiting for me. I read it as he got down on one knee and proposed. With the help of the store owner along with numerous calls and visits to stage the perfect location to place the poem. He even had a photographer waiting there!!!! (Every girls dream!)

Image 2 of Kate and J.P.He knows exactly what I love and incorporated it into our proposal story. Just when I thought I couldn’t fall more in love, he proved me wrong!

Image 5 of Kate and J.P.

Image 3 of Kate and J.P.

Image 4 of Kate and J.P.

Photograhy: Emily O’Brien