Kate and Gavin

How We Met

We met when we were 19 at a college party that was at Gavin’s house in Cold Spring Harbor. Who knew we would end up here 7 years later!!

Image 1 of Kate and Gavin

how they asked

“We went down to Long Island for the weekend and were planning on going to Rockefeller Center to ice skate with friends. We had done this a few years ago with them and had a really great time. Gavin drove us into the city and we walked around a little bit before going to the rink. When we got there, Gavin got a phone call from our friends saying that they were running late and that we should start skating without them. We went and got our skates on and starting going around the rink. While on the rink, Gavin got another phone call saying they were almost there. As we were going around a turn, Gavin stopped skating and said our friends weren’t going to make it, and that he had actually came here to ask me marry him! In total shock, he knelt down and pulled out a box with a ring in it. As he stood up he pointed up to the crowd who was applauding, and our whole family was there waiting at the top. We all went out for a nice dinner at an Irish pub up the street. It was an amazing and surprising day!” – Kate

Image 2 of Kate and Gavin

Special Thanks

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Brent Eysler
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