Kate and Felix

Image 1 of Kate and Felix

How We Met

About 5 years ago, Felix and I matched on Hinge and exchanged a few messages. But life got busy and our app conversation fizzled out and we both forgot about each other. Fast forward a few years and my phone buzzed with a message from Felix on Hinge. Apparently he had deleted the app and when he redownloaded it, I was the only match that hadn’t disappeared! Maybe it was a glitch, maybe it was something else… A few days and many messages later, we went on our first date to a coffee shop in Eastern Market. I thought the date must have gone well because he suggested we walk next door to get some gelato.

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Little did I know, he hated coffee and only picked the coffee spot because of the gelato shop next door! We had a great time but I was heading to Europe to visit my bestie and figured it would fizzle out again. But, Felix is a persistent man and kept texting me while I was abroad. The day I got back, Felix asked to take me out to lunch. I said yes but about two hours before our date, Felix had to cancel because of a work thing. I was bummed out but told him it wasn’t a big deal.

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The days passed and I was surprised when I didn’t hear from him. Several weeks later, I was back to my swiping antics (Bumble this time). Felix popped up again. After some internal debate, I gave him a right swipe. We matched immediately, and I sent him a snarky chat on the app about canceling and ghosting me. He apologized for going MIA on me and promised to make up for it. We went on our second first date a few days later and he hasn’t left my side since!

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How They Asked

It was around the time of our third anniversary and Felix had made a dinner reservation at my favorite restaurant in DC, Central Michel Richard. He suggested we grab a drink or two before our reservation, which isn’t abnormal so I didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the bar, he started acting really weird and went to the bathroom several times and started looking a little pale and sweaty. He suggested we leave so we wouldn’t be late for our dinner reservation. We started walking down Pennsylvania Avenue and waited at the light on 10th Street to cross.

Image 5 of Kate and Felix

I noticed a photographer taking pictures in the bike lane, but that intersection has such a beautiful view of the Capitol building I just brushed it off. We crossed the street and when we got to the middle, Felix stopped, turned to face me, and got down on one knee. I have no idea what he said but I burst into tears and dropped down to my knees too.

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People all around us started clapping and cars started honking to congratulate us! The photographer turned out to be one of Felix’s coworkers and he snapped a few more pictures of us. We went on to enjoy an amazing meal but Felix had a few more plans for us! After dinner he suggested we head to another bar for a nightcap. We walked in and he had set up a celebration with some of our best friends and family! It was a night we’ll never forget.

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Special Thanks

Johan Marulanda
 | Photographer