Kate and Danny

how we met

Danny and Kate first met at summer camp when she was going into her junior year and he was going into his sophomore year. They hit it off right away but her friends always stole her away so they didn’t get a lot of time together. When camp ended, they spoke a little but ultimately parted ways for the rest of high school and college. Because they lived in the same area, they would run into each other every now and then but still nothing came of it. It wasn’t till one summer day when he had plans to go kayaking with a friend of his. However, his friend only had two person kayaks so he had to find a paddling partner. He called all his close friends but none of them were available so he had to branch out… The two had one of their chance encounters at a bar within the month. Even though they only made quick eye contact, it was enough for her to be fresh in his mind. He remembered from her social media posts that she enjoyed being outdoors so he gave her a call. To his surprise, she answered and committed to the excursion.

He said at the time he had no intention of it being a date. It had been six or seven years since they last hung out so he was honestly expecting it to be awkward. He picked her up at 7am on June 4, 2017 and they packed the trucks to go kayaking. He said he remembers a very distinct point on their paddle where he thought “I’m still very attracted to this girl.” There was a small circle of black shallowtails. She went right up to them and they just circled around her but didn’t fly away. He said at that moment, she looked so pretty. When they were loading the kayaks back into the truck, they ended up kissing somehow. They were both on the same page that their trip turned into a date somewhere along the river. A day or two later they went to dinner as a more “traditional date” and the rest is history.

how they asked

They originally made the trip down to see a different waterfall that they had seen online. However, when they got there they were really disappointed so they searched for other waterfalls in the area and that’s how they found Margarette Falls.

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Margarette Falls
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