Kate and Daniel

How We Met

Kate and I crossed paths in law school at the University of Illinois, but we never really knew each other until we ran into each other again at an audition for a musical in Chicago. There we sat in the audition waiting room, nervously waiting to sing, dance and act for a chance to be in an all-lawyer musical parody. We recognized each other and were playfully joking around to ease our nerves. I was too scared to ask Kate for her number in front of the big group of people, so I LinkedIn messaged her and asked if she wanted to grab drinks. That was the start of our journey. Both of us were unable to do the show that year, but we made the cast the following year and are now full-time cast members. One of the early highlights of our love story involved getting to know each other by sitting across from each other on the kitchen floor. We also took a romantic helicopter flight (after much prodding and pleading by Dan) to see the zoo lights of Chicago. We had some amazing memories and times in Chicago while we fell in love.

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On October 16, 2016, just a couple days before we were set to head to Antigua for seven days, Dan set up a scavenger hunt around Chicago. The scavenger hunt included clues related to our early dates in Chicago, as well as video appearances by our friends and family. There were 20 clues in total. Each clue was printed on a greeting card which had Kate’s custom artwork as a background. The clues took Kate around the city, and she took a video of each stop! We went to our first date spots, got brunch at one of our favorite places, had a drink at a bar we frequented, and then Kate went off on her own to get a massage, and her hair and nails done with her best friends.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chicago

She then returned to our apartment and put on a dress, new shoes, and a necklace I had gotten for her sometime before. Kate and her friends then met me at the Fountain Girl statue in Lincoln Park – the same statue we went to after one of our first official dates – and I asked her to make me the happiest man in the world and marry me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago

After I asked, we had a big party with all of our friends in Chicago, and then just the two of us came back home where we found the 20th and final clue. Check out our video and you can see the big day as it unfolded!

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