Kate and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore at Austin College. We were both on the tennis team and couldn’t dislike each other more. Eventually, we both got injured and were forced to sit next to each other. We slowly thawed and began a friendship that would lead to us dating 4 years later.

How They Asked

He chose to torture me. I knew the engagement was coming because it was a family ring and I had tried it on. He used that against me. Starting in June he stated fake proposals. First, we went to a winery, a beautiful rooftop, a few glasses of wine, and a box in his pocket. Got down on one knee and asked if I would wear the earrings inside, they were rubber ducks. Well, 2 more fake proposals and two different dog earrings later we were spending the weekend at his family’s lake house. We supposedly had dinner reservations and he “accidentally” got the time wrong so we “had” to go wait outside until time to leave. What If by Kane Brown was playing and conveniently turned off right after “what if one day I go and change your name…” I looked up towards the speaker and then back to him, well he is down on one knee with a wooden box shaped like … a rubber duck… lucky for both of us there was a beautiful ring inside. We get married next December!

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