Kate and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I had quite the cliche start, but our relationship has flourished to become one that is extraordinary. I had worked next door to a well-known pizza restaurant in the area. After quite a busy day, I had decided to go out and grab a drink with some coworkers. Chris, traveling back from a business meeting had a similar idea. After bumping into each other at the bar, exchanging a few laughs and phone numbers, it was history ever since!

How They Asked

When it comes to friends and family, Chris and I are both very outgoing. We LOVE to attend community fairs, go on adventure walks, hang out at my parent’s lake house on the jet skis and more. However, when it comes to our relationship together, we love to keep things to each other. We are each other biggest fans so celebrating large events or our successes normally starts with a party of just two…US!

When it came to popping the question Chris knew I never wanted a scene. I just wanted it to be us two. After a long, LONG week at work, Chris had called me a couple times asking when I was going to be home from work. Of course I had to stop at CVS and pick-up something from the grocery store, but eventually, I said, I’d be home! As I pulled up the driveway I saw Chris and our rambunctious dog, Trooper, looking our the picture window. Chris had on a nice button up shirt, and I thought, “Oh my gosh, do we have somewhere important to be?” Well, come to find out, we did. It was right in our kitchen! As I walked in, four bags in hand, there sat my favorite pictures of Chris and I, framed in wedding themed picture frames. A ring dish was next to those and the house was IMMACULATE! I couldn’t put my bags down fast enough and my mind was spinning. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS COMING!!!

After he got down on one knee, the water works started flowing. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. It was perfect. Just us two, in our kitchen with our dog. We finally became an official family!

Special Thanks

The Harris Co.
 | Photography
Erin Marzilli
 | Makeup Artist
Saratoga Springs Congress Park
 | Location