Kate and Bryan

how we met

We FIRST met in High School. However, we do not have your “typical” High School love story. Bryan is three years younger than I am, and developed developed a crush on me when he was a sophomore in High School. He thinks that I didn’t notice him in the hallways, but I did. He was shy, timid, and didn’t grow into the confident man he is today at that point.Fast forward to two years ago, Bryan had moved on to play professional baseball in the minor leagues and I had moved on to become an elementary school teacher (at the school where Bryan actually went) and Bryan reached out through social media. I had been through many rough relationships and was hesitant to give ANYTHING a chance, especially someone like “him” (he was no longer a tiny, timid sophomore, rather a very tall, confident man who had found himself through the profession of baseball.Bryan had reached out through a friend to learn more of my back story and if he “stood a chance”. She was honest and explained that I had been through a lot, and that I was busy starting a new school year, but that she thought he should “go for it”. I don’t know how romantic “sliding into DM’s” is these days, but I guess this is the world we live in now?! I told him that I wouldn’t go for dinner, but would meet for drinks. However, I ended up delaying his requests for two months.I knew Bryan worked at a specific bar (part-time) and one day my friends wanted to go in for happy hour. I refused because I did not want to chance running into him. They checked first and assured me that he was not working. What we DIDN’T think of though, was that there would be a shift change. Sure enough Bryan came walking in as I was about to put a chicken wing into my mouth and I literally dropped it in shock as he yelled, “Kate Fehn?! In MY bar?!?” I was mortified.But the rest is history.

how they asked

We actually technically have TWO proposals. The first proposal, happened when I had a migraine. I suffer from debilitating migraines. Unfortunately, I began to have one the morning of the day that Bryan planned a huge proposal with family and friends waiting at a restaurant for us and all. He was completely stressed and went against his better judgement and decided to propose while I was half-blind, confused, and in bed. Not the MOST romantic proposal, but it was still filled with love.The second proposal, was not needed, but Bryan and I both ended up ADORING it. Bryan rented out a room at our favorite local winery on New Years Eve and tricked me into thinking that we were going out for a drink before dinner. Instead I walked into a room filled with wine barrels with rose petals and votive candles as well as framed, typed pieces of our love story which led to the point where we got engaged. He also had our three favorite love songs playing on repeat as this all went on. He then got on one knee and proposed. It was the kindest, sweetest and most thoughtful proposal I have ever seen.

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