Kate and Brogen

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How We Met

Brogen and I met for the first time when I was frazzled as can be. We were both asked to be in the wedding of Cameron and Rachel Cooper; Brogen, who has been friends with Cameron since kindergarten, was a groomsman, and I, who has know Rachel since college, was a reader. Rachel had failed to mention to me that I needed to come to the rehearsal to practice my reading, so I got a frantic phone call from one of the bridesmaids saying that I needed to get to the church ASAP. Once I got to the church, I walked in through the wrong door, so I ended up walking right in to the sanctuary, interrupting the rehearsal by accident–hence my frazzled nature! I managed to get through my reading, and we all went on to the rehearsal dinner. Brogen and I struck up a conversation, and I remember thinking how funny he was, and what a nice smile he had. We parted ways that night, but I found myself excited at the prospect of seeing him the next day.

Wedding day came around, and Brogen and I didn’t get a chance to see each other until the reception. He asked me to dance, brought me a rose–he really pulled out all the stops. The one thing I remember from that night was how much he made me laugh. I had a constant smile on my face that night. We ended up going out that night with friends, and when someone asked why we were so dressed up, Brogen proceeded to tell them that we had gotten engaged that night! Needless to say, I was a little taken aback, but I liked how he kept me on my toes and kept things interesting. The next day, we went to lunch, and it was decided later that day that we were going to pursue this long-distance thing (I was from Texas, and he was from Kansas). It hasn’t been the easiest thing we’ve ever done, being 6 hours apart, but deciding to pursue each other for sure has been the best thing we’ve ever done.

how they asked

Brogen and I picked out my ring together, so I knew that a proposal was coming at some point, but I had no idea when. Our friends, Rachel and Cameron (their wedding was where we met), were having a “sip and see” party for their baby boy, Nolen, one weekend up in Garnett, KS, where Brogen is originally from. All of our friends from college were going to be there, so I decided to come up for the weekend. When I got up there, Brogen had been insistent that he wanted to go fishing for a while on Saturday. If I had known anything about fishing, I would have known that something was up, because it was 55 degrees outside–we weren’t going to catch ANYTHING. We sat on the dock and “fished” for about an hour, and then I decided to be silly and put some music on. I asked him if he wanted to dance with me, and he changed the music to our song.

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We danced for about 10 seconds, and he pulled back to get down on one knee. Now, mind you, this was on April 1st, so I was thinking in my head, “Oh my goodness, if this is an April Fools prank, I’m pushing him in the lake!”. But, he pulled out a ring box, so I knew he was serious. He asked me to marry him, and I said yes through some seriously ugly, happy crying. He said that he wanted us to just enjoy being engaged for a while, and he brought out a bottle of wine to celebrate.

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We took some pictures, and after about 30 minutes, I said to him, “Babe, I love being engaged to you, but could we be engaged inside? I’m freezing!”. He laughed, and we started back to his parent’s house where we were staying. We pulled up the driveway, walked around to the front door, and as we were taking off our boots, I looked through the glass door and noticed a bag sitting in the living room.

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I said to him, “Hey, that looks just like a bag my mom has–does your mom have that same bag?” He just smiled at me, and when I turned my head around when we walked in the door, I saw my mom and granny waiting there for me–he had flown them up to surprise me! I immediately started crying again that these two important women were there to help us celebrate! After recounting the story for my mom and granny, we headed over to the Garnett Inn & Suites. Brogen had booked us a room so we could have some time to ourselves. I was getting ready for the sip and see, and I was a little nervous that were were going to be late. Brogen had been a stickler about time all day (now I know why), but for some reason he was pretty laid-back about us getting to the party.

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We started over to Cameron & Rachel’s house, and, as we were pulling up, I saw a sign in the yard that said “Brogen & Kate’s I Do BBQ”. I looked over at him with a confused look on my face, but he didn’t say anything. We walked up the door, and as we opened it, everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” Turns out, this “sip and see party” had been a surprise engagement party all along! All of our friends from college were there, and Brogen’s sister had gone above and beyond with the decorations. As I was looking through all the decorations, I noticed a set of pictures that I hadn’t seen before. Turns out, our friend Cameron had been hiding in the bushes in FULL camo taking pictures as the engagement happened! Cue the waterworks, once again. We enjoyed the rest of the night celebrating with our family and friends. It was truly the most romantic thing anyone has every done for me, and I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together!