Kate and Brian

Image 10 of Kate and BrianHow we met:

Brian and I met on Match.com in May 2010, after he sent me a message saying I “looked familiar.” I thought Brian was cute, but I didn’t recognize him, so I asked my identical twin, Kelly, if maybe she knew him from somewhere. She definitely did—the three of us were actually in the same social circle. I remember her saying, “He’s perfect for you, I can’t believe I never thought to hook you guys up.” I later realized that we’ve crossed paths numerous times over the years at mutual friends’ parties, but both being distracted by college, work, and former relationships, we never made a connection in person.

After talking online for about a month, we finally had our first date over dinner at an Italian restaurant. Both being big kids at heart, we went somewhere to get a milkshake afterwards and then went to a pool hall.

On the way home that night we started talking about the Beach Boys, one of my favorite bands. I asked him what his favorite Beach Boys song was, and he answered “God Only Knows.” I couldn’t believe it, that’s my favorite Beach Boys song too! No one usually says that song! I was smitten.

In August 2011, we took our relationship to the next level when I moved into his house. We knew we were going to get married eventually, but knowing how anxious I was, he wanted to do everything he could to ensure his proposal was as unpredictable as possible.
how they asked:

Brian had all the key players he needed to help plan how he was going to pop the question. He enlisted Marissa Levin from my dad’s photography business, Heyn Photography, to take photos; Greg Lassik from Endless Wave Studios to shoot a video of the entire thing (I later learned Brian was mic’d the whole time), and my sister Kelly, an event planner and owner of SociaLife Events, to help him perfectly coordinate the day. He also hired Nissa and Matt from the band 3 West to set the mood for what I’ll always remember as the best day of my life.

I was already doing some preliminary planning for our wedding (yes, before we were even engaged!), and since my sister is an event planner it wasn’t strange to me when she asked if I wanted to get dressed up to go look at wedding venues with her on July 11, 2012. I went with her, but didn’t want Brian to know because he’d think I was crazy. Of course, I now know he knew where I was going the entire time, and so he knew I was lying to him about where I was going! Meanwhile, he needed me out of the house so he could prepare for the day.

So off I went with my sister, completely clueless. Afterwards she asked if I wanted to get lunch on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, where Brian and I go all the time. As we were walking, she slyly faced me towards the ocean and said, “Oh, look at the dolphins!” to get me to keep looking that way (she knows me so well). As we were gazing at the invisible dolphins, 3 West was playing a few of my favorite songs, but I really didn’t think anything of it. Unbeknownst to me, Brian was nervously hiding in one of the boardwalk stores behind us waiting for the right moment to surprise me.

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The band started playing “God Only Knows,” when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. I assumed it was my sister until I turned and saw Brian.

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I remember taking off my sunglasses in a daze when he finally said, “I have a question for you. If you get it right you win the prize.” I realized what was about to happen when I saw my sister was already 20 ft. away. I was speechless! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and before I knew it I had a ring on my finger.

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I remember feeling like we were the only ones there until everyone on the boardwalk started cheering and clapping for us. Afterwards we went to a nearby restaurant where both of our families were waiting for us, ecstatic. I’ll be forever indebted to SociaLife for orchestrating the entire chain of events that day, and I can relive the best moment of my life forever thanks to Marissa from Heyn Photography and Greg from Endless Wave Studios. And God only knows how thankful we are to 3 West for their beautiful rendition of our favorite song.

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Photographer: Heyn Photography
Event Planner: SociaLife Event Planning
Musicians: 3 West