Kate and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met in the Spring of 2014 in New York City. I was 23 and Brian was 26, both of us working in Midtown Manhattan and living in New Jersey. We both were in the midst of studying for our professional certification exams so we immediately hit it off at a happy hour in Midtown Manhattan. I immediately connected with Brian based on our shared love of seafood, the beach, Finance, and our big Irish families. Although I have never been considered shy in my life, the butterflies Brian gave me from our very first date had me acting bashful.

Kate had plans of moving into a sublet apartment in Hoboken, NJ in the early Summer of 2014. Shortly after moving into her new apartment Brian made frequent visits to her apartment. On weekends Brian often could be found cooking homemade (and deliciously yummy) meals for Kate. The two quickly became frequent visitors at the local Hoboken restaurants and bars and often took weekend trips to the city to explore. Once the sublet lease was over Kate quickly went on a hunt for a new apartment where she had hoped to spend the next year living — sure enough, she was lucky to find a brand new apartment uptown where her and her roommate, Megan, moved. Brian was right by Kate’s side through the move uptown and this would be the apartment where most of Brian and Kate’s memories would be.

I soon realized that Brian was the person I wanted to spend my life with. After countless dinner dates in New York City, lots of laughs and days spent at the beach, Brian and I became inseparable and the rest was history…

Where to Propose in Panther Lake

How They Asked

This day was a dream come true… Memorial Day weekend Brian and I had plans to spend half of the holiday weekend with my family at my family’s lake, Panther Lake, and the other half at the Beach with Brian’s family. Before the weekend my Mom asked me to pack a “nice outfit” because we would be going out for a fancy dinner down the road at a restaurant. She knew I could be found wearing running leggings and workout clothes during my time at the lake, and that Brian may be found wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt, so I didn’t think anything of it…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Panther Lake

The day of the proposal I spent my time hanging with my parents. We took a hike at a nearby park while Brian played a round of golf with my older brother, Tim, and my cousin. Our plans were to go to dinner at 7 PM the evening of May 25, 2019. Hours before the dinner reservation I began to get myself ready doing my hair and makeup and picking out my outfit (I even consulted with Brian before I picked the dress I was going to wear that night and he dropped no hints at which of the three dresses he liked best). Little did I know, the white dress I packed would be perfect for what was about to go down…

On our drive to the restaurant, my Dad suggested taking a picture with my Mom beside Panther Lake. So my parents, Tim, Brian and I got out of the car at the fishing pier on Panther Lake and took a picture of my parents. Following their picture Tim suggested he get a picture of Brian and me since he was “the fifth wheel”. Little did I know this was the moment I have waited almost five years for. Brian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! Of course, I SAID YESSSS! And with that, the tears followed…I could not contain my emotions and excitement!

Then to my surprise, my little sister, Erin, and my sister-in-law came running down the pier with bottles of Champagne, two bouquets of roses and a big gift basket! My two sisters along with my sister’s boyfriend were hiding across the lake waiting for the proposal to go down. Later on, we celebrated with dinner at a nearby lakeside restaurant and spent the rest of the night together with my family and fiance, Brian.

Every little detail was well thought out by Brian, and little did I know he had been planning this proposal for several months. The night of May 25, 2019, was everything I could’ve ever dreamt of and more!!

The Cassidy’s coming September 12, 2020…

Special Thanks

Tim Thompson
 | Photographer