Kate and Arthur

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How We Met

We met in 2016 in Las Vegas of all places. Arthur was jet-lagged from his trip from Belgium and was checking into a work event. I was working the registration table. We made eye contact and neither of us spoke for a few moments. I had to catch my breath as I turned around to collect his name badge. After Arthur left, my colleague asked “What just happened? You two were like magnets”… and from that moment on we were inseparable.

The weeks and months that followed were full of text messages, hours and hours of FaceTime calls with a 9 hour time difference, heartfelt emails, surprise flower deliveries, and even a trip to meet halfway in New York City. Almost two years later, having spent over 250 days together in one country or another (which was quite an accomplishment while living 5,499 miles from each other), I took the big transatlantic leap and packed up my home in San Francisco, California to build a life with Arthur in Belgium. The recent lockdowns over the years have certainly made up for all of that time spent apart.

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How They Asked

We were long overdue for a holiday after the lockdowns. I planned our whole trip to the Amalfi Coast, save for one day, which I asked Arthur to plan. He was meant to book a ferry ride to the Isle of Capri and a scenic boat tour around the island, but when we got to the dock, there was no ferry in sight. Instead, a private yacht pulled up and he claimed it was for us! I didn’t believe him.

While we were touring arond the Isle of Capri by boat, Arthur was practicing flying his new drone, taking videos of our trip around the island. Little did I know he had other plans as well… He asked me to stand at the stern of the boat so that the drone had something to focus on. I was in shock as I turned around to see him fall on one knee under the famous Faraglioni Rocks. He asked me to marry him right then and there. I of course said “YES, YES, YES” as he slipped my dream ring on my finger. It was captured beautifully (and secretly) from theair by Arthur and from onboard our boat by our sweet captain, Francesco.

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