Kate and Andrew

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How We Met

We both went to Carnegie Mellon, and for two years, lived only 75 feet from each other on the Greek quad. We were casual acquaintances, but never really friends. However, we were social media friends, and had more online interactions than in-person conversations. After graduation, started our travelling consulting careers separately but happened to be staffed in the same city. We overlapped in Detroit for 12 months, and connected over our strong interest in travel, travel hacking, and on-the-road consulting work life balance. Kate planned a solo trip to Nashville one weekend, and I thought, why not, I’ll come along too. We kept in touch after Kate left the Detroit project, and started dating after she moved to Boston 2 months after. We spent our free time travelling and eating our way through New England, Canada, and then expanded our adventures to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

how they asked

Andrew and I are avid skiiers, and we scheduled a trip Sun Valley Idaho for a weekend getaway. We both travel for work, and had plans to fly into Salt Lake City from our respective work destinations, then meeting up and continuing to Sun Valley. Andrew arrived an hour earlier than me, and told me he had to finish up some last minute work and will meet me in the airport lounge. I arrived in the airport lounge, and the desk attendant told me that they were compiling profiles of their frequent flyers and wanted to take a photo of me next windows that faced the airplanes and mountain backdrop. She walked me over to the windows and then I see Andrew in his suit. At first I thought “Oh you dressed up for this photo shoot? I’m wearing sweats!” But then I saw the camera filming and red roses, and I knew it was it! He gave me handmade paper luggage tags of places we’ve visited, cities we’ve lived in, and the last card was marked “Salt Lake City”, the airport where he asked me a very important question.

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