Kate and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I both grew up in Savannah, GA. I went to the all girls high school and he went to the boys high school. We had always known each other but it was not until we both transferred into The University of Georgia that we officially met. It was a week day in July 2012 and we both attended that specific orientation. I was with a friend and the school provided a free lunch in one of the dining halls (Snelling for all you bulldawg alums) for all orientation guests. Luck would have it, Alex and I caught eyes, recognized each other and hugged and caught up for a few moments. We spent the rest of that summer talking and dating in Savannah and when we moved back up to school we officially started dating. He will still say our first date was in that dining hall the day we met but I refuse to go with that!!!

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how they asked

Alex and I have been long distance for about half of our relationship. It was our three year anniversary on Monday, August 24th and we had plans to meet in Savannah, GA that Friday, August 28th to celebrate our anniversary and we also had his grandmother’s surprise birthday party the next day. I took the day off from work in Atlanta that Friday and headed home to Savannah that morning. Alex and I had a full day of errand running for the surprise party. We had plans that evening to go to our favorite restaurant on the Savannah River to celebrate our three year and my family was going to meet us there to celebrate as well. (real romantic, right?) Alex had mentioned him and I getting a pre-dinner drink somewhere to have some alone time so he picked me up about 6:15 PM and we headed down the street to The Savannah Yacht Club, our favorite spot to hit up in the summertime! We sat at the indoor bar and it began to POUR outside. I, mainly thinking how frizzy my hair would be for dinner, did not notice Alex freaking out inside (for he had plans to propose by the fire pit overlooking the water) Alex got up from the table and said he would be right back. He came back a couple minutes later and was DRENCHED. I asked “why are you so wet???” He made up an excuse on the spot and then told me it was time for us to go to dinner. We walked out the back door on a covered patio and as I began to walk right towards his car, he grabbed my hand and pulled me the opposite way. He proposed under a big oak tree over looking the water as the rain poured down. A surprise photographer was there to capture the most perfect proposal and when we drove down the street back to my house, Alex had gotten all of our friends and family there for a surprise engagement party. Easily said to be the most perfect afternoon summer storm! (PS- the ring box was too big to fit in his pocket, that was why he had to run out in the monsoon and grab the ring!)

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