Kate and Alex

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Page, Arizona

How We Met

Alex and I met at our apartment complex dog park one beautiful March day in 2016. Neither of us can remember if our dogs even played that day, but we talked for what felt like forever and had an instant connection. We walked back to our buildings and when it came time to part ways Alex didn’t muster the nerve to ask for my phone number. For the next three months, Alex tried tirelessly to find me again, asking all of his friends if they knew “Kate with the little black dog from the dog park”. Finally, he hit the jackpot. His friend of over 20 years responded “yes! Kate is my next door neighbor”. Sure enough, I’d been living next to Jeff fora while and our dogs were great friends. A few days later Jeff and I ran into each other walking our dogs and he asked me if I remembered “Alex with the big brown dog”, I said “of course, he was so sweet”. He asked if he could pass along my number to him and I gave him a resounding yes. What Alex didn’t know was that I, too, had been on the hunt for him. I’d take my dog on long walks after work past his building hoping we’d run into him, but we never did. Alex texted me on a Sunday night asking if I wanted to meet up at the dog park one day that week. We met on Tuesday and our dogs played for hours while we talked. We set a plan for our “first date” to take the dogs for a hike that Thursday after work (I was heading out of town for a girls weekend that weekend and simply needed to see him again). It was an unforgettable first date. We walked for hours and never stopped talking. I was shocked at how well our dogs got along. They rode smooshed in the backseat of my little Hyundai together (Jordan is 115 pounds, Mason 35) and couldn’t have been happier. We hugged and said our goodbyes and I went upstairs to my apartment. I immediately texted Alex “I want a redo of that goodbye”. He responded and told me to come back downstairs. I met him out front, sans Mason, but he was still with Jordan. Before Alex could go in for the kiss, Jordan (all 115 pounds) leaped up on me and smothered my face in a massive wet kiss. It was the best first kiss I’ve ever had. We ended up walking to a bench and sat there for another couple of hours, Jordan laying by our feet. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes but didn’t even care. We’ve spent almost every day together since, and we thank our dogs each day for bringing us together.

How They Asked

Alex and I had planned an awesome trip to Arizona. We both have some family out there and wanted to check off a few bucket list items. Alex took full charge in planning our private trip and then we’d come back and spend a few days with family. That was a pretty big sign that something was up because he typically is NOT the planner in the relationship. We’d also talked about this next step, and Arizona is my favorite place in the world, so I had my suspicions. Our first stop was the Grand Canyon, which was incredible. We then drove up to Page and saw Antelope Canyon which blew us away completely. I really thought it was going to happen there and in typical Kate style I made a little joke “got anything to ask me in this incredible spot”. He said “nope, not happening this trip”. I was super sad and really believed it wasn’t going to happen. Little did I know Alex was going to do it there but the tour guide made him leave his backpack in the car and he thought the ring box would be too noticeable in his pocket. So, we got in the car on a mission to find an overlook of Lake Powell, I was driving and happened to see a “scenic overlook” sign. I pulled off and it was such a beautiful view. Alex suggested we hike down a ways to the tip of the peninsula. There wasn’t a person in site and we stood in silence taking in nature’s beauty (me a little sad still thinking what I dreamed of being the most perfect proposal trip wasn’t going to happen). Alex put his arm around me and said “I’ve been waiting for the perfect place…”. I ripped my sunglasses off and turned to him. “…but every place is perfect with you” and dropped to his knee. “Will you marry me?”. I fell to the ground and the tears poured out of me. I couldn’t get any words out but nodded yes. He put the ring on my finger and I remained speechless, just crying. He said “does this mean yes” and finally I said “YES!”. We stayed there for a long time, taking in this unforgettable moment. I couldn’t stop crying, I was in complete disbelief. I’d dreamed of this moment my whole life and it was so much better than all of my dreams. There was no one around, no cell service, nothing but the two of us. It was perfect. We headed back to Scottsdale the next day and got to celebrate with some of our family members and it was so special.

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