Kate and Adam

How We Met

Adam has journeyed with me from the pages of my first grade diary (“A boy named Adam E. just moved here from Texas! He’s cute!”) to the text-filled, nervous hand hold days of junior high, into the “we are so mature!” (**but actually comically immature) high school sweetheart phase, through the individual and partnered growth and excitement of college, and finally into the beautiful, (sometimes challenging), but 95% beautiful of post-graduate, adult-ing. He is the most gentle, lively, charming, warm individual I have ever met. Really  words could never do that soul justice. After all this time, I truly get excited to see him every single day. 234973297 life stages; same best friend.

how they asked

Adam and I roadtripped out to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada for 10 days of tenting, hiking, mediocre campfire meals, above-average campfire chats, and wayyy too many cribbage matches. If I could describe my happy place– it is exactly that. Banff is a 24 hour drive one way from our home state of Minnesota so this trip was quite the commitment and something we have been talking about since our road trip to Glacier National Park two summers ago. On the day of our engagement, Adam woke me up with a campfire cooked breakfast, I packed some lunches for our hike, and we were off! We chose a more difficult-level hike that day so the trail was nearly desolate… and let me tell ya, the “difficult” description of this hike was SPOT ON. After the fact, we both agreed that this was the most challenging hike we have ever completed.

After about 3 hours of steep, constantly uphill hiking, we found this brilliant blue lake to have a picnic at, and while sitting there we saw the remnants of an overgrown, unmarked trail leading up towards the summit. Although we were exhausted, we couldn’t pass it up. After tip-toeing across some loose rocks, scaling some of the steepest inclines we’ve ever seen, we were AMAZED at the view we saw. We now had an ariel view of the same beautiful lake we had just picnicked at, and mountains as far as you could see. Due to the difficulty of the climb, there was truly not a soul in sight. Adam and I hugged and I remember thinking “His heart is POUNDING. He must be exhausted!” *come to find out a few moments later that his heart was racing for an entirely different reason**

I was sitting near the edge of the cliff, hanging my legs off the side when I randomly turned around and saw him down on one knee!!! Instant excitement. He said the most sweet, sincere words and I said “yes!!!” about fifty times before he even officially asked. Pure joy.


We hung around the summit for a while longer before hiking down. To celebrate we drank a little wine in the mountains and swam in some hot springs. It truly was the most simple, natural, happy day. I could not be more excited to marry this man!